Massive Lotr Character Request


We need your help, some of may of herd about the massive lite project that a group of students are putting together (im one)
theres currently 28 and the program is being possished and being beefed up alot so its a total power horse, but what we need are charaters to include in it, we currently have very very similar elf and orc models to that of lotr and many variations, but we thought it would be cool well the 3d team did, if we had a library of over 100 characters you can add on to the program.

Like you download the program then select characters from our website that you can download and import into massive crowds.

So get out your tablets or pen and paper and get to work, where wanting nothing hero like just normal solders or mounted steads or massive orges (like the ones from the black gate)
only need front and side pictures and if you could put them up here we will get them and start modeling and animating, we will also talk to you (being the creator of the character) as to how you want it to move and attacks and stuff, but in the end we get final say… plus we may get swampped with 100’s of characters which is cool but making everyone exactly how you want it may be hard.

Wish list
-black gate orger things
-hyena riders
-as closer drawings to orcs in lort’s
-cloked gondor archers (the dudes that attack the elephants)

Plus any Lotr’s resources you know or any screen captures you have from the front or side of charaters of just there heads would be cool

Any previous sketchs or have finished lotr’s models would be fantastic and help the project bolt right along… in the end its you guys that are going to be using the program



If it’s Massive Lite wouldn’t it no longer be massive? :stuck_out_tongue:


do you have any progress shots/animations? I dont think people would be too willing to contribute their time if they dont see results :shrug:


Did you guys implement your own flocking behavior simulator? I too would like a sneak peak. It’d be neat to see hundreds of stick figures walking around. Plus, if you show this, many people will most likely participate. 100 characters? Damn that seems a lot, especially if each will have their own set of movement/rules.


Originally posted by Wigaru Wiyamoto
If it’s Massive Lite wouldn’t it no longer be massive? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about “Not massive, but still rather large…”


Yes, definitely show us something …


You should call it “Subtantially big” or “Not quite Massive” :smiley:


Darn guys, what a waste. There are so many projects you could do and you choose LOTR. They are already making the movie if you hadn’t check theatres. Its a shame all you guys are using your time and effort on something already being done, instead of making your own original feature. With 28 folks you can make the next Toy Story or something. What a waste to be putting that energy into something that is already done and is making money.

Shoot do something original, all you guys and put it into film festivals.

I think its great you found so many to work on a project like this but it would be really cool if you used your energy for something really your own.

Tis a shame. I see all these talents on this forum modelling stuff like Gollum and Star Trek Characters. Shoot why not work with someone on something original. Oh well. To each their own. I hope you find some folks to help. Show us some work!!!


hmm… maybe it should be called miniscule…

hmm… er… flog… i don’t think they’re re-making lotr exactly… just the crowd sim engine for all of us to use (provided we have an app that it runs with)…um…anyway…

it’d be great to see some screenshots. even though i don’t think i’ll be able to contribute any models at the moment (sowwy).


man ive tried to reaspond so many times but these msgs never seem to get through, Yeah ill get some screen grabs, there nothing impressive, there ive only got the 3d max plug in version, so it really looks like a crowd sim, but im going to write a tutorial using max, you can make your own massive, its easy i think, like its all in my head i havnt actually tryed it out, but if you look in PIXEL MAG i picked it up so i could read it on the tram on the way home from work and in pg 6 theres a crowd sim in the news section just detailing 3dsmax 5, but i think its possible, ill research it and see if i can build a massive emulator using pruly 3ds max, but at the moment it seems possible. Yeah Flog where just building the battle sim engine, we just need ideas for characters to use, and lotr’s characters are cool plus people will have motorvation to sketch them after the release of TTT, and yeah where thinking of Renaming it, Massive lite is alittle contridiction, seeing the program is currently bigger then massive its not really smaller, BEAS (battle engine algorythem sim ), Or TRIBAL (the programmers like that)



I think people would be very hesitent to contribute if there is any doubt in their minds that this will never be completed. Things like this happen all the time: a great idea, a great big rush at the beginning, and then it just fades away, and is never finished. As long as you vow to work to completion, and get some propaganda going (via sample images/models/animations), then there should be plenty who would want to get involved.



If you are making a sim engine could you use any models, stock or other? What format do they have to be in? I have a few models if you want to have fun with them. Its up to you.

Sorrry I did not read the post as well as I should. Just get tired of all the Gollums and Star Wars characters people do “just for fun” when they could really be doing something original and creative.

Would love to see the sim, but sorry man I apologize for not really reading the post

:applause: :applause: :applause:
Anything to help the cause would be cool.


I have a question for you. Will this program be able to handle vehicles and people at the same time? Perhaps have tanks driving around while the people are fighting. That way the program would be good for more than just fantasy settings, but perhaps ww1,2,3, post apocalyptic, or even catapults and such for the fantasy setting. I have no programing experience but I was just wondering if it was possible, it certainly would make the program that much more useful.


you hit the jack pot with this months challenge. People are going to make heaps of crazy creatures that are all based on lotr.

However, I doubt people will give out there source files for nothing.

I think so screen shots or like a 5 sec animation of what you guys have would really get you some models and probably alot of ‘front pages’ on cg sites such as 3d festival, cgchan etc.

If you say that this is bigger and better then a program that costs 40k or something then I think your gonna get alot of publicity.

so, please show us something…please :slight_smile:


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