MassFX + Adding Forces


Is there a way to add forces to MassFX object en masse rather than object-by-object? I can’t find it, if it exists, not even using Help files and FAQs.

There are roughly 250+ objects in the scene that need to be affected by a Space Warp effect; I know it works, but it’ll take eight flavors of forever to get each object to be affected by it because I can’t seem to add the force globally, only object-by-object.


Never mind, I found it.

Another case of MAX giving things very similar names and burying things in nested menus, that’s all that happened.


dunno your way but on the MassFX Tools Panel, there are 4 tabs, one of them says Multi Object Editor…which makes sense.


Well, to be more specific about what happened, it seems that there are two different ways in MAX to make something a MassFX body of some sort, and only one of them will act similar to an instance.