Massachusetts/Rhode Island Chapter


Anyone from the Boston/Providence area?

I don’t know if I could run it but I would definitely be interested in joining. I’m located in Quincy just south of Boston, I’m also in Rhode Island a lot because I have family there.

Anyone Interested?


I think we could also pickup S. New Hampshire and Western Conn.

I’m in, and actually would love to take a part in organizing it, but wouldn’t be able to lead it either, at least presently.


Hey, I live in Brookline, MA. Its basically inside Boston. I’m not sure if I could offer too much artistically at this point (I’m a noob). But, I would be more than willing to join.


Cool, I mentioned this in another thread…good to see some of us around.

I remember JDex and I, along with some other ppl were trying to get something for New Englanders together a while ago. It never turned out. I would also like to help in organizing this.

How often would everyone like to rendezvous? What kind of things would we do to be fitting of a CG Society chapter? Where would be the best place?

Not sure if all of you know, but puts on monthly meetings. They also usually have guest speakers and special events.

We also need more people willing to participate in the MA/RI (other New Englanders) chapter if we want to take advantage of the special benefits Leonard has proposed here…


How often would everyone like to rendezvous? What kind of things would we do to be fitting of a CG Society chapter? Where would be the best place?

I’m open to just about anything. As to how often, I guess that would depend on how much of a response we get from us New Englanders. Once we get a list of interested people we should vote on a places and times. I personally rather do this kind of thing on the weekend. But I’m free really anytime.


Well I count four… before this falls off the page I’ll ask:

Anyone else from the area?

I’d like to see 8+ before we start something up. Perhaps the first meeting should be pretty informal… beers/coffee in bean town or something. Weekends will be tough for me, so I’m not sure where I’ll be able to fit into all this.


Yeah, I agree…we need more people seriously interested. Another idea comes to mind. I could try to see if any of the folks would be interested, I’ve met alot of them and we all have the same interests, more or less.

As for meeting up, even if its the four of us, we could attend the monthly get together which seems to be game industry enthusiasts and professionals mingling over drinks and food with special events/speakers. Its also another way to get more people interested.


Hello Guys… I’m Jacque’ I live in Boston.(Go Redsox!) Of course interested in this chapter.:):thumbsup:


I’m from MA as well. Good to see some other massholes in the ranks. I’m down from a meet.


Awesome up to six now!!! I know there are more out there! How old is everyone? (Just to see if bars and pubs are cool or not.)


XXVI (26 for the non-romans) :smiley:


I honestly just had to stop and think about how old I was, then I wasn’t sure. But I did the math…

<— 27


28 years young.


Nice, I’m 21. So far we are all good for bars and such.

Now we need to think of a way to get more people interested or aware of the chapter and what we are about. Lets start brainstorming ways of advertisement (like posting pamplets, etc at local places, or hitting up other online communities) and what it is that we will do at chapter meetings. Maybe work on a project…game mod, short animation, promotional stuff for cgtalk, etc.

Share your thoughts!


Hi all, im going to be living in NH for a while till i move to Arlington, but sign me up as well!


Hey guys. I’d be interested as well. My schedule is a little erratic though - we just had a baby. :argh:


Congrats atomictoaster!

Another to add to the list. Does anyone know of any upcoming CG related events coming up in the area?


I’m in Providence, and whatever you guys are planning, count me in!


Up to 8 interested peeps now. We need to find a time, place, or event and more people of course to make this chapter the real deal! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am down. I actually attend the post mortems from time to time with my company. But yeh I am down for whatever. I am in cambridge.