Mason Verger, Adam +Skutt (3D)


Title: Mason Verger

Name: Adam +Skutt

This is a sculpt I did of Mason Verger, played by Gary Oldman in the Hannibal film. It was just a fun personal project and a spin on a traditional likeness sculpt. It was all scrulpted in zbrush, i did a quick poly paint pass in zbrush as well to add a bit more depth to the image. Hair was created in Xgen, then imported as geo into Zbrush. Zbrush BPR render, then comped in P-shop.


Wow…thats amazing. Yeah Gary Oldman was completely unrecognizable in that movie. This is incredible though…the fine hair detail is great…and the face detail…the one thing that jumps out a bit are the eyes on that close up…further back they are fine though.