Mask, Laverdet (3D)


Title: Mask
Name: Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Zbrush Rhino Carrara3

an another picture, that I’ve done in parallell of the 3d challenge; in fact, it’s the same head than for my 3d entry, but the nurbs are “cutted” differently… it’s the main pleasure of the nurbs, the fact to trim the form as you want, even if the poly model is very heavy when it comes out of zbrush…


good idea and pic!:wise:


Thank you! and yes, it’s for me a picture I’ve worked a lot… faces are nurbs from my 3d entry on the machine flesh challenge (the guy with a canon), which are trimmed differently to produce differents form… texture is different , too, as I did’nt intend to just re-use the machine flesh 's material… there is a light by hdri from sachform, an exteriuor one, very subtle but with a passing through from blue to orange very interesting… hdri needs of course to be “soften”, to induce a basic light reworkable with source lights… but that step is of course the funny one!


amazing as usual. I love your art Marcel.


excellent work… very nice idea…


maybe one of the preliminary drawing is funny… I don’t draw before 3d to see "where"I go in 3d, but to be in “the pleasure” to do modelling and all the 3d process… in other words, to not loose the feeling of the pict… but the drawings are just to play “around”…


Great concept. Realy cool. The only thing is the one guys robot eyes and the purple. Its just alitle strange to see hot oink leds. I dont think its posiible. Great image.


Very nice, I love the colors and the soft lighting, although I do agree that the eyes might look better a different color. Or maybe a very faint, soft glow?


cool !
good idea:thumbsup:


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