Mash want to be able vary arnold shader texture map color per object ,not usual colour per vertex method


in mash mainframe demo tut below,
the mash scatter repro mesh object colour variation uses color per vertex,:

but i want to say vary soccerballs colour , say your start soccer ball has a say yellow pattern texture map.

create a mash repromesh of the balls, they all have same yellow texturemap,
say you want the same texture map color varied on all the mash repro objects.

cant seem to find a tutorial how to do it, or what to do,

ai jitter colour only works outside of mash, ie jitter red, all balls red , it affects all mash objects the same?

see below found part answer.


managed to find an answer,

use Mash instancer NOT repromesh when you create a mash network from the yellow soccer ball,
connect ai colorjitter between map and base colour, set to object mode.

please see:

beyond 1 texture map with color variation, WORKS…

say now you had 2 different texture maps for the ball to be applied at random,how do you do that?

early days wish to use process to switch leaves on trees, then instancer tree and vary colour
not done yet.

not sure why mash only allows at start both repromesh and instancer options,
but use say repromesh, and instancer not avaliable, started from scratch.

not sure what is different between repromesh and instancer?