MASH Tutorials for Maya 2016 Ext 2


yeah im aware of the merge node and it works great. why do you allow to add multiple distributes on one mash then? there a workflow which makes that useful other than a fast morph setup. they seem to average out and not seem useful otherwise


After you extract all the faces as separate object, select them all and use Center Pivot then Modify > Bake Pivot (position) so that you get back exact translate x,y,z.

Now try to make new network with those…it should work.


Thanks klaudio2u,
Now is working ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tutorial on the Time node, seems like a very handy tool.

I was watching it thinking ‘that’s cool but I bet it won’t work on an Alembic cache’… and was very pleased to find I thought wrong :slight_smile:



Hah, yes it works with them :slight_smile:

One thing to be aware of (it tripped some artists up here), is to make sure that if you have a group full of alembic nodes, their start and end frames all need to line up, otherwise everything will go nuts.



Thanks good to know.

I noticed when I enabled the time simulation option while using Alembic and changed the amount of points things got pretty crashy, not sure if that was a viewport thing or whether it gets upset by suddenly having more clones to calculate offsets for while in simulation mode.



While still only getting to grips, MASH is just incredibly powerful and exciting stuff, already proving a godsend in one of our projects here (ribbons coming off a table fan, fixed at one end with falloff, noise and sin trig driving the motion, so simple and so much fun). . Congratulations again for the recognition from Autodesk Ian, obviously well deserved!

Having said that, I have an embarrassingly simple scenario I’m having trouble with here: How to get inverse results from the Influence node?

In simplest terms: How on earth can I have items stay as they are (eg: 1,1,1 scale cube) but shrink on influence locator proximity ?

I’m absolutely sure I’m stupid, but as it’s got me stumped I can’t imagine a better place to ask.


Hi Brian,

Please upload a scene somewhere if it’s crashing - It is not supposed to do that :slight_smile:
I’ll take a look and see what’s up.


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Okay, so the solution isn’t really as obvious as one might think, you need to use negative Influence Powers (eg. -3). When this setting is negative, things get pretty sensitive, but you can play around with the settings until you get something you like.

Edit: As a tip, if your scales go a bit nuts with a negative influence power, you can always add an Offset node, and then turn on it’s clamps to limit the scale of the objects.



Ahhhh! The offset node clamps were exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for taking the time to explain that.

I’d already gone the negative influence powers route, but as you say everything goes a tad wild without the clamping.

Again, many thanks, for both the advice and the genius of MASH itself :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help to manage MASH.

I have a little problem, not to big but sometimes with a lot of reproMesh this is annoying.
As you can see on my image i have to create a mash node from plane, set the pivot on vertex angle, repositioned the plane to the center of the grid\freeze transformation as well. Curve Wrap added to repro. All work well exept for some deformed mesh. Do you have any advise to resolve the issue? SOmetime check Off “Keep Lenght” resolve, but not at all. I’m usually deforming the vertex wher it needed but not correctly. I have 20\30 repromesh on my tipically scene.


Hi Dario,

Can you upload a scene? I tried to reproduce it here but couldn’t manage to…



here is the file. Sorry for the delay in answering.


Thanks for the file.
The differing edge lengths happen because the curvature of the curve varies, for example, if you use a circle, then because the curvature is constant, you don’t get varying edge lengths.

It’s possible we can do something to help in low-poly situations like this where this is noticeable. I’ll make a note to investigate.



Thank you. This in fact doesn’t happen on high res, but we need low.


Its good Reading some nice tips You guys are sharing here
Something I made in MASH



Hi there.
Anyone able to create presets from MASH? i get this error

// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2016.5/plug-ins/MASH/scripts/AEMASH_WaiterTemplate.mel line 1075: No object matches name: MASH1.useLayoutTools

a simple mash node iwht default repromesh and the same thing with couple of node applied to it.


Would love to see some mash deformer tutos… Like a few varied ones if Ian can find some time.


Hi there;
For some reason, I needed to do a mash network with curvewarp node made with curve with blendshapes (because I needed the curve to change direction).
In first place I thought I could have multiple curve inputs for the curvewarp node (that would be AWESOME), but as it didn’t have that feature, I went with the curve blendshape thing.
The problem was that the speed of the animation of the objects changed dramatically when blending from one curve to the other.
So, first the speed was OK, then became crazy when blending and then the speed was OK again.

Do you know a better way to do that to overcome that limitation?.

Thanks in advance.


Hi ianwaters
Congrats for your tutos. They’re perfectly clear.
You notice that you haven’t explained the Breakout Node yet, and I really don’t know how to use it ( the Autodesk help is not very clear about it ).
Maybe you could help me about using it, with a simple example, and which actions do I have to do, if it’s not to long to explain ?
Thanks a lot and congrats again.