MASH reverse explosion along path


Hey friends,

This is my first time posting to a forum as I’m usually pretty keen on trying to solve my own problems so let me know if its in the wrong place or I’m doing it wrong.

So, what I’m trying to achieve is a cityscape scene that that has all the polys for the different buildings follow a path and form the buildings in front of the camera as the camera pans in.
I’ve been playing around with the explode and merge MASH nodes but cant seem to achieve the effect I want.
Essentially I want a mash network made up of the polys from a building that I can apply a signal and random node to and then merge with the original building location as they approach along a bath.
If anyone can suggest a technique or tutorial I should be following that would be amazing. I’ve spent hours playing and cant seem to work this out :frowning: Stuggletown for sure!



Can you share what you have done so far, post your .ma file. And if you have maybe a reference what you are trying to achieve more less will help as well.