MASH Orient Up Vector and "Orient to Mesh Normal" make no sense


Does anybody else think that the MASH Orient documentation and the available options in the attribute editor not add up to something that give you any control?

Which direction is you object AIMING in? The X? Or whatever you set the Up Vector to?
And when you use the “Orient to MESH Normal” which axis is the MESHES normals suppose to affect? And is it by proximity to a face? Or is it a vector from the moving distributed objects towards the center of the “Orient to MESH” object and whatever normal it hits on the way?

Why does the documentation for all these nodes fall so horribly short for something so simple? Everything in this program is just as horrible as it can possibly be.
And MASH brings it’s own sloppiness like icing on an already rotten cake. I have done tons of aim stuff with particles and instancers and velocity and up vectors and it all makes sense.
This MASH thing… which is supposed to make things simpler makes no sense. Great stuff! On to the next bloody node. Maybe it and its documentation will suck less.

Any ideas? I found one more post about this and the person was equally confused. Maybe the documentation is so horrendous because it’s trying
to describe something that doesn’t really work… yet.