Marvelous Designer to Unreal Engine workflow



I’m a bit confused on how one would do the following:
I used mixamo for an animation for a character, imported it into Marvelous Designer for cloth simulation & animation, from there exported the cloth animation as alembic and merged the animation file + cloth sim/animation in C4D. Now I would like to import it all into Unreal Engine but it seems to be harder than I thought.
I need to export it as .fbx for texture tags but it won’t export the cloth animations since it’s an alembic file. I tried baking it all with NitroBake and then exporting an .fbx file but that did not work.

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Have you tried Datasmith?


Why not export everything as alembic straight from MD to Unreal?

Unreal has an alembic importer as far as I know.


Do you want to get the whole sim into unreal or just the cloth and do the simulation in UE4?

If it’s the first option, then your best bet would be to load the alembic directly like EricM said.


Hi, yes I tried datasmith, it imports the meshes but not the animations.


I have done the animated cloth sim in Marvelous Designer and would like to keep the outcome & import that into Unreal.


If I’m not mistaken, alembic does not store texture data, I would like to import texture tag data from C4D which I’ve applied to the cloth.


Beter do it in Engine