Marvel Age Hulk #2, Marvel Comics -shane Davis & John Rauch (me) (2D)


Title: Marvel Age Hulk #2
Name: Marvel Comics -shane Davis & John Rauch (me)
Country: Usa
Software: Photoshop

This is the cover to Marvel Age Hulk #2 coming out in October. Drawn by Shane Davis and painted by me in Photoshop 7.



This totally rocks. The colors pop Mr. Hulk so muuuuch.

Keep rockin’! :bounce:


Oh my god! This is great!
The line and color is awesome!!
And I like the muscles so mucchhh…


:applause: Love the colours.


Great action shot. Lots of dynamics in the picture. Cool muscles et ! I can see it on the cover of a magazine rightaway :wink: Only detail that bothers me is his head. It looks a bit small or thin.


Thanks so much guys! I really do appreciate all your nice words!


Yes very good action!


MArvelrific + Perefect color = this picture!:thumbsup: One flaw is low detail. 4.5 out of 5.


Hey REALLY one of the FEW i liked
Gret colors , nice effects , all balanced in harmony

my only comment is the HEAD
the face is straight 4ward to us but it needs a part of its right side to appear to give thikness and to establish its dimentions and to connect it with the neck.


very strong


I think you should make the darker parts of the body a lot darker, even black to some parts, even if it meens loosing some of the nice details. it will add to the dramatic motion.

Another thing you should keep in mind when painting is radiosity, which meens that objects effect other objects’ colors, -especialy in this scene where a lot of sunlight bounces back from the ground with a strong yellow/red tint. So maybe you don’t need to black-out all the shaded parts of the body, only darken them and give them a yellow/red tint.
Another thing you should concider is spreding some green light on the ground around the hulk. I’m talking about minur color changes that are almost unnoticable but make a lot of difference and make the image more realistic and interesting.

Oh and I don’t know much about your artistic freedome but I would paint the hightlights compeletely white and get rid of the edges between the hulk and the white skies (even if it meens loosing the exact shape in these areas - the eye will compelete the gaps).

Anyway - good job!


Thanks much for the comments and crits everyone! They are greatly appreciated!


Brilliantly rippling muscles! Great colours there. I especially like the rockface! Great detail.


Hay gr8 work… < A W E S O M E > :slight_smile:



Powerful work.Perfect style,design and colors:thumbsup:.


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