Martin Scorsese Urges Commitment to Art Over Algorithms: "It's All an Illusion"


he crowd answered with a smattering of applause as a sign of approval, and a few black-tie-clad guests even shouted “Yes!” for extra confirmation. It was not necessary. No one would have objected to talk of the legendary man whose name was printed on the trophy courtesy of the night’s host, the Santa Barbara festival. Scorsese was being honored with the fest’s 14th annual Kirk Douglas Award, and so talk about Douglas he did.

He didn’t make any direct mention of the back-and-forth about his criticism of Marvel movies or his recent essay in The New York Times — at least from the stage — but he did open up on how he first fell in love with film at five years old, how DiCaprio gave him a “new lease on life” and why the industry should ignore algorithms and business calculations. But first, it was all about Douglas.


The AI &Algorithms genie
Will not be put back in the bottle… no matter how legendary the person who wishes it were so.