Martin Hamilton- The Outcast


Wanted to start a smaller summer project to practice using hair cards for game characters. Only going to have him from the torso up and use his entente to practice hair cards on.


Another update for this character, still playing with larger forms but starting to define some secondary forms. Will retop the hard surface pieces soon.


Got a small update on this character, starting to move towards secondary forms with it. Thinking I’m going to go with Pectinate antennae for him, still working out hair card stuff though, little worried that I wont even need hair cards for him haha


Full turnarround. Tried exaggerating his forearms and increasing the repetition in his abbs for more breakup. still fiddling with the forms.


Coming a long way and getting fast!


Thanks Travis :slight_smile:
Hope to speed up a little bit more, feel like I’ve been going a little slow this week.
Figuring out the rest of this guys forms in his body. But I took the time to finalize the hard surface plates of his face with Zmodeler and creasing edges.


I think making the eyes look more like bug eyes with your textures is going to help immensely. Take a look at preying mantis if you want the smooth look or go for a more grity hecttagon structure


Wow Martin. Good job ! its nice seeing how you started and where you are at now :slight_smile:


I got a new book that’s been taking up my time recently but I’ll try posting more updates this weekend haha.

Travis, thanks for your input on the eyes. I’m making a praying mantis board on pintrest and am thinking of changing up the eyes a bit more and making them bigger to emphasis more of an insect look.

Thanks Hannah :), I definitely feel like the help and advice you gave me in your and Travis’s portfolio class really helped me begin to understand 3D modeling better and has pushed me to where I am now


Redid the eyes on this character and have defined the plating on his body more.


Quick update with new eyes and trying to detail around

the face. spending most of my time making the armor plating into lowpoly dynamic subdiv pieces to get that clean hard surface look


Few more updates on this character. Tried figuring out the areas that were a little confusing before and changed up the mouth a bit to have tentacles on the side to like pick up food and stuff.


Hey Martin, cool start for your character! It reminds me of a Yasushi Nirasawa or Takayuki Takeya design at first read. Are you familiar with that artist? I think you can push this design more based on what type of character it is… Would this character be a ‘game’ character or a ‘film’ character? Is this a henchman type background character or a main villain…? Since its a ‘praying mantis conehead’ type creature, you can play around with the design of the arms and hands more. What other character inspirations influenced this design besides the praying mantis?

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Hey James, Thanks for the advice.
I love the work of Takayuki, been following him for a while. Yasushi’s work is really cool too.

I’m reworking the hands now into more like mantis hooked fingers instead of regular hands.
This guy is definitely going to be a game character, but I’m not trying to push things too far because I also want to 3D print it at my school when I finish it. He would just be a creature that lives in its own environment. My idea was that he is more from a higher society that was then outcast to the streets to forage for himself. Got some ideas of adding damage to his hard shell to show that he’s sort of beet up, but that will be for when I start Asymmetry.
I got a lot of animals/creatures I got thrown into this character.
Been looking a lot at octopus and sea creatures for the mouth area. For the Teeth since I wanted this guys to sort of a scavenger I went with Gobiconodon-haizhouensis type teeth to really be able to pierce things.
Also been looking at dragonfly nymph’s mouths to influence how this characters mouth works.
I’ll post some updated shots later this week.
Thanks again for the advice :slight_smile:


For sure, no prob! Hey Martin, Very cool that you’re having this 3D Printed! I’ve done a model that was 3D printed for a friend that i’ll post in my sketchbook post next.

What type of 3D printer do you have at your school?

Interesting and unique looking mouth area. Never heard of the Gobiconodon before, I love prehistoric Mammals and looking up new ones, especially since I work part time at a Natural History Museum :slight_smile: Keep going and curious to see what final direction you go in with this one.


Hey James. I actually don’t know the specific printer at my school right now haha. Do you know of any good resources for 3D printing? I feel a little lost with the printing side right now haha.
Hope I can make the mix of forms in this character work in the end, having fun with it though.

Wow you get to work at the Natural History Museum, Thats so cool :slight_smile:


Wow I haven’t posted a full update on this character in a while. Most of my time has just been spent in zmodeler making my hard surface parts clean and fit together well.
Just need to finish up the forearms and figure out the hands before can start really detailing.


Trying to work more on this character now that summer school ended. All the hard surface pieces are now remade in Zmodeler with dynamic subd

ividion. Working on detailing the organic parts now.


Hey Martin, sorry for the late response.Here’s a checklist you can checkout when printing 3D models: and/or

Here’s a breakdown by Adam Ross from a while back on ZBC: by Ehren Bienert: are many more, but these come to mind at the moment. I’m still learning as I go, for 3D printing. There’s still a lot to learn. Recently, My go-to videos (using ZBrush +/or Meshmixer) for 3D Printing would be on Mold3D youtube channel and these videos for hollowing out you model before you print: the checklists for specifics on each subject to double check your model.What is your process cleaning your ‘armor plates’ using ZModeler? Have you attempted to 3D print this at your school already?

*I’ll post more resources as they come up. There should be a dedicated 3D Printing thread here…


Hey James, thanks so much for all these resources, they’re really helpful. I’m a little worried I completely build my character wrong for what is needed for 3D printing now. There is like lots of empty holes in my model due to using Zmodeler on the hard surface parts. Do you think this would ruin my chances at a good 3D print?