Marthe2k3 - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Very First version of the project, with my 3D latin lover guy :wink:
All updates will be at the same adress I suppose, I won’t keep the old versions.

Keep on Rockin’


Here’s the first update. Definitively 4 seconds are too short for me :frowning:
Anyway, I’ll do the best to make the scene understandable. Many improvements to come.
Please post feedback :slight_smile:…

Keep on rockin’


Umm… Am I the only one getting a broken link on the second playblast?

Well, on the first one anyway, I think the fall back is a little weak. The crawlback is nice, but it starts happening too soon. I really don’t feel the impact of him hitting the ground. It needs emphasis… or… something… I don’t know, I’m not an Animator.


-oh, and I’m a sucker for decapitations, so you had me at hello.


Nobody seems to care my work, but I still go on : (828ko)

Keep on rockin’


Very dynamic animation!
I can’t wait to see further!

Keep the fire burning!:buttrock:


Nearly the last version. 4 seconds are definitively short for me :slight_smile:

Keep on rockin’


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