Mars Texture - Finishing Touches


Hi, I’m trying to reproduce a realistic and animate-able view of Mars from space, I have already textured it to my liking, but now I would like add an “atmosphere glow” to it.

I’m talking about that glow that appears around the edges of a planet when light from the sun shines on it. I have tried every way I know how, but I just can’t get the glow to appear only on the light parts of the planet surface. I guess what I am really asking is, how do I get objects to glow only from the edges that are lit, and not around the ones that are shaded.

I hope I explained that well…


This may also help

there is an example file here

As you can see this is a pretty common topic :smiley:


Thanks Atma, I’ve got MAX 6, so I might give that Mental Ray “glare” a try…should be just what i need.


you could try add a glow to the luminance channel in the VP.


Another simple way would be a mask texture in the self illumination/color chanel. The mask would be a falloff, set to shadow/light. The texture would be another falloff, set to fresnel or something. Just play around a little. It should work.


I was trying to reproduce that same thing for a project i am in called Aegis ( ) and that mental ray technique was AWESOME :slight_smile:

Cheers mates!:thumbsup:


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