Mars Overview




I havent used any kind of touch pad for this picture (I just dont have anything that`s considered as touchpad). Mouse rulez!


From what I see here, the elements used to create the matte are quite different in terms of scale, which creates confusion and kills the proportions of the entire scene. Other than that, I know you tried to hide the “mirroring” of some elements, but it can still be spotted, it is kinda obvious.
The blue things from the right side are definately out of the picture. You can take them out.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:



hi andrew I agree with activemind about the blue elements also this image looks more of a panorama photo blending than a real matte painting, you need to think in composition , what would be more interesting for the viewer, try to achieve a general red color on the rocks, mountains and the terrain itself, also the clouds at the right (above the mountains ) I think you can take that photo out and find a bettr valley or mountain that does not look like mars
keep it up


Also I think you have too many types of terrain/vegetation for this to be one single area…and the clouds/mist in the lowlying area completely throw me off when I look at them and then at the green top of the hill in the center…


Thanks guys, Ill be working on these issues. Right now Im trying to make the “real” matte - with video integration.


The strata on that mountain in the center looks strange when matched against the cloud line that sort of bleeds into it. It’s a bit distracting to me as I can see a “line” in the image. It may just be me. :slight_smile:


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