MARS Caviar Transport System (CTS)


Mars 2033
3 years after settling on Mars in 2030 around 1500 humans faced a problem of increasing its population. Inability of natural conception was observed and eventually lead to infertility crisis in human species. Analysing female and male infertility scientists concluded that Mars conditions lead to various states of psychological depression and other physiological changes in human system resulting in miscarriage rate of close to 100%. To intervene with corrective measures a specific system was deployed in an attempt to battle the conception crisis. The system was called Caviar Transportation System (CTS) addressing Mars conditions and specific to humans` individual habitual and physiological demands. The system was represented by the mobile transportation spheres in a shape of a caviar roe that allowed 3-dimensional traveling. A tailored transport network followed comprising a web of monorails, vertical portals, and platforms of bi-directional roe transporters to support CTS. These complex systems suited movement of a single roe as well a grouped chain of roes. After 3 years in use the system assisted stabilisation of fertility indices in human species.


How exactly transportation helped fertility ?


Cause people need to travel into open space, for take some reason to live. Or you think people can live in closed area, born some childrens inside buildings and never go out? Ithink this is mentality problem, Mars is difficult planet for living comfortable, hot sun, red color environment, killing winds and etc. Thats why i think to make vehicle with complete customizable environment inside passenger pod. Also i think to make possibility moving this pod in 3-dimmensional ways, fly-by-wires or other transportation platform`s like aircraft and etc.

see my post


Hmm, AFAIK fly-by-wire is not a transportational platform, it’s a digitalized control system used mainly in modern aircrafts. It is becoming a standard now and by the time we reach Mars to build a base there, it would probably be already outdated.
I still believe a woman would be just as fertile inside the metal-based building built for her protection as inside your pod. But if you mean that people need distraction from the man-made stuff and need some emotional movement by watching endless red deserts of Mars, then yes, the pod is quite suitable. But it has nothing, zip, zilch to do with fertility.

You see, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but these far-fetched stories, physics-denying technical details of physics-denying transportational means people put underneath their images are really bugging me and I simply can’t hold it. But I do apologize for my impatience so take it easy.


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