There you go… my entry for the 5th NVArt contest. Hope you all like it!

I always appreciated the way Syd Mead used basic shapes in combination with reflections and environmental details to create futuristic designs that are still grounded in reality.

My idea was to create a vehicle for exploring rocky enviroments and locating new human colonies.The reflective surface would store solar energy and the suspension system would provide a smooth and fast way through hard track conditions.

I tried to keep it simple, and real life based…


Thats really cool. Love the environment and details. Good Luck!


Amazing Delcio!
You improved your skills. I mean in a short time!!
Amazing shading, model and lighting!
This is the best model I’ve ever saw in your portfolio.


Hey Man,
good job, model, light, shading is perfect!
amazing, congratulations.


Amazing Delcio,
as always your shading is 5 stars!


Nice image and great idea Delcio!!
The lighting and shading is very good, and I also liked the cenario!
Good job!


hey Delcio

great image, concept, lighting, idea… :thumbsup:

good job and good luck at the challenge!


Ahahaha… Thank you ALL!!!



Perfect modelling and shading!

The background and scene composition made the image quite unique!

Good luck!

Paulo Botelho


Wow, great work Delcio!! :bounce:
Amazing shading and lighting.

congratulations man


excellent work delcio

I hope with all my heart that you will achieve all your goals

much peace


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