Mark Goerner DVD


Does anyone know how he made that perspective grid in disc 2 pretty usefull how it can be transformed


I’d like to know that as well!!


i havent got the dvd…is it a grid of paths or pixels, just free transformed?


paths I think that he made in painter


scott robertson does it with paths that all start at the vanishing point, then he just ctrl+select them and move’em around. for the perspective grid that you wanna use when painting, i usually do a stroke of the paths to stick on a layer, then i can have the different vanishing points on/off depending on what section of the painting i’m working on.


Thanks for that I thought that was the way to do it makes sense


Hello chums, this is Mark Goerner, and as for the grid question, it was a series of paths made in photoshop, which was then stroked on a layer, (approx. 3-5 pixel width). I keep it as well as a curvaliner grid and signiture on a separte file that I pop open when starting and finishing a piece. I have a heavily lined as well as a less busy one based on the nature of the illustration. I change the opacity and color to suit the pallet of the piece. Props on this technique go to my pal Nick Pugh…the O.G. for real. m


Can we have a picture to see what you guys are trying to achieve?


Yeah, would be nice to see what he tries to achieve…


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