Marine Machine Plankton, Qiwei Liang (3D)


Title: Marine Machine Plankton
Name: Qiwei Liang
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, Rhino, VRay

This is a concept design. These days I am interested in the appearance of marine plankton and want to present their luminescence and transparency in a steampunk way. But I don’t want to make it soft, so it may also look like a nautilus.
90% was modelled in rhino and some polygons in 3dmax. Vray for rendering and photoshop for post work.


Beautiful work! I like the concept and the way you worked out the mechanization of a somewhat amorphous organism. The colors and composition are really strong. I think you captured the luminescent quality of the organism very well. The depth and underwater feeling are very convincing. Nothing really to critique. Is the background a composite or is the entire scene modeled? Let us see a higher res. version. :slight_smile:


Great work! How did u do the plankton?


I am happy you like it! I am also in architecture area.
The background is made from several different underwater photos, the one with relic is used as background, and I also use some as mask upon the model, which is also important to create the atmosphere.


I used rhino to build most of the gears & shells, but I used 3dmax to build some joints and connections.


another rendering.


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