Marie Antoinette's Revenge, Cris de Lara (2D)


Ha ha what a funny piece !
The expression is great!


WOW! Cris…este realmente é o que mais chama a atenção pela expressão do personagem , dos seus ultimos trabalhos. Adorei a brincadeira…haha…muito bom. As cores estão fantasticas e os detalhes nas vestimentas dela são impressionantes…na verdade,todos os detalhes na composição estão:applause:


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Well, after all research I did for Queen Antoinette, I did the first sketches and created the composition focusing only the character as I wished. Her story, her look, her eyes, a strong expression and angry. I would like to achieve that exact crazy and furious face. Well, so I used myself as the model! hahaha! I confess I really LOVED this play…to pose in front of the mirror and do this mad face was very very funny…hahaha.
About the brushes: For each image I usually create very useful brushes…in this case they were:
-brush for the wallpaper behind her
-brush for the eliptical frame and its details around her
-brush for the steel and wood textures for the ax
-brushes for decorating details in her name’s band
I prefer to work with brushes instead of filters to create any effects in general, as a painter I think this is a challenge to expertise, so I can say there is no big limitations for using brushes, they can do almost everything.

That’s all! :smiley:


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that is awesome!! Good job on the details, inspiring by this piece of master art works! Well done!!


Awesome pic!!! Great expression and rendering. Love it.


hmmmmm, I get the feeling that shes pissed. heh, Nice job dude.


Awesome painting and you look great in that dress Cris :stuck_out_tongue:


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I absolutely love it!

And the expression is priceless =D

Good job!


Oh man… if I were a forum leader you’d give me a problem here… to plug you again on the FP ! Almost the same week lol
It’s a FP stuff… you’re making some incredible artwork man.

She’s very expressive, it’s funny and nicely executed (literally lol)

This goes to my favourites folder !

5 stars !



Lol, so nicely done, and so much humor in this one, bravo! :slight_smile:


Sovica = Thank you very much…the expression really was my concern about.
Djampa= lol… thank you very much!!
Borilius = Yes the humor…I tried to put a mix of humor and madness in this image :smiley: I love to produce humor scenes…


fantastic! I absolutely love every bit of this image! :thumbsup:



amazing work once again! I love to see a girl painting girls that are not faeries in the forest with birds and cute creatures flying/playing around, just for a change :wink:
Bravo for your technique and bravo for the originality Cris!



OMG, she really gives me the creeps!! The expression on her face is so scaary. Dude great work!! She really looks angry XD :eek: :thumbsup: Overall this is awesome! Congorats!


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hai cris,
great work! great expression!
really it is perfect! :thumbsup:


This is truly wicked, I love it.

10 stars.


Uhm… Well, I like the idea and the details are really good
but the skintones seem a bit dull and the shadows look rather weird.

Btw: The axe is a bit twisted, isn’t it?