Marie Antoinette's Revenge, Cris de Lara (2D)


Title: Marie Antoinette’s Revenge
Name: Cris de Lara
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

We (my and partner) did this image as a joke.

What if after decapitation, the french queen, Marie Antoinette, could return from the dead ? Would she be so angry and furious to want revenge for her death? Could be this concept used in Halloween time? It would scary enough to find a zombie woman with madness eyes holding an ax claiming for revenge?

Well, perhaps it won’t be so nice as my cute and sexy witch, in Jolly Halloween’s image, but I worked a different technique to make this image, to get this result.

I want to emphasize some textures, color’s choices, expressions, composition and also the creations of new exclusive brushes in Photoshop for this image.

We did some research for this job, and the best source was the movie Marie Antoinette, with the actress Kirsten Dunst from Sofia Coppola.

When we phone Kirsten, she was not available for posing, so we chose another remarkable artist to perform Marie (guess what) and this was the most funny part of the job, I would like to make a kind of challenge, could you imagine who is that girl? hehehe…

The image was done during other projects intervals and it took around 49 hours. I used only Photoshop.


Awesome paint style Cris, and I like the twisted humour. Thumbs up once again!


Great piece of work! Her expression is really scary. I like that you didn’t make her as a half-decomposed zomby, - she is still a pretty woman… Only dead and furious. 5*


Her expression speaks its self! Very lovely painting! :thumbsup:


Cool ~I like:thumbsup:


Kirstie Alley perhaps? :slight_smile:


Amazing painting! wow her expression is a lil away from reality but i like the exaggeration nice one man:thumbsup:


Cool painting!!! 5 stars from me!:thumbsup:


Heyyyy ! I love your Marie-Antoinette, it’s very funny and her face, expression is very crasy-fun ! I love her !
Very very good Picture Chris :thumbsup:


Totally awesome Cris!
ha-ha-ha-ha i’m still rotfl-ing!
btw who is the model?

cheers… Vince


Feelings and metals are presented extraordinary and same idea of this art is more then interesting!!


tomstools = thank you a lot! :smiley:
SagaraPutri = Many Many thanks for coments and stars! :smiley:
Lady-Katerina = Yes! the expression was my main concern in this piece :smiley:
GENGHIS = Many Thanks!
andy210387 = Thank you veru much! I am glad you liked!
ardenrey = Thank you a lot for the stars!! :smiley:
Ishtar = Thank you very very much! your post is a big honor to me…I am your fan!!
I loved your jobs in newest ImagineFX # 23. You are amazing!
tanassi = hahaha!! Oh my God I am pretty shy to answer your question!!! hahaha!


hey great work! loved the expression and the entire look on the whole…6 stars from me!! excellent, excellent work!:thumbsup:


Hi! more details…


This is Fantastic:thumbsup:


lol! haha amazing work man! :smiley:


:thumbsup: Awesome! Priceless expression :smiley:


Awesome work dude ! Really well done :slight_smile:


Most excellent. Given your skill that quality of the render is a given but your potrayal of expression is world class. The tensity of her lips and crazy look of the eyes is so real; showing deep uncontrolled rage. Fantastic!


So could you talk a bit about the process of this and of the special brushes you created? What is here that PS brushes could not produce?