Maria, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Model thief ! (bis) :smiley:
Congratz Andy, another great work :wink:


Congratulations Andrew!!! Beautiful illustration, as always!


Thanks for your post.


Really really beautiful!


Astonishing work as usual Andrew. Love the beauty hair light around her.


It’s realistic and cartoony, very nice! any chance we can see your steps to achieving that look?


Bravo! Looks great!
I need a tutorial how to create something like this!


Great work. I really like it!


Nice!!. Love the styling, the character + representation.


GOOD JOB! I like her lips! :thumbsup:


Amazing work Andrew. You didn’t lose any of her character or expression in your conversion from the drawing.


Great work!! Love the pose and outfit. My only slight crit would be that she could do with a nice catch light in her eye.


Nice work!! congrats Andrew :beer:


Nothing to critique at all. Nice knocker, I mean necklace.


Great job, looks awesome :smiley:


Very nice or should I say naughty LOL.


Do you have a wire frame for this model?


Love the look of the clothing, oh how it shines… see my woman in that!


Good OK sexy doing awesome!


Very nice rendering and expression, you perfectly match PapaNinja’s outline technique :slight_smile: