Maria, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Maria
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Personal work.

Partially based on a sketch by Serge Birault

Serge’s sketch:

Maria ‘Fuchsia’ Gibson (the likeness):


So Crisp and evil!
Nothing to crit, only wish there’s a full body shot


no comment amazing work :thumbsup:


So sexy! I like hair style, red back light and look of latex cloth!


well done! 5 stars from me!


Oh, what a different Maria!

And suddenly that name
Will never be the same
To meee.

However, sharp graphical style! Superb work! :thumbsup:


Hi Andrew, Love your style, she is so hot, so powerful.


Great image, strong character. Like the style, very nice! :slight_smile:


Great work.

Would be great if you did a making of for one of your character, as a beginner I will really enjoy to see your workflow (including the rig setup).

I am sure a lot of websites would be really pleased to get a making of for your work ^^


as every time… fan of your work!


Model thief ! (bis) :smiley:
Congratz Andy, another great work :wink:


Congratulations Andrew!!! Beautiful illustration, as always!


Thanks for your post.


Really really beautiful!


Astonishing work as usual Andrew. Love the beauty hair light around her.


It’s realistic and cartoony, very nice! any chance we can see your steps to achieving that look?


Bravo! Looks great!
I need a tutorial how to create something like this!


Great work. I really like it!


Nice!!. Love the styling, the character + representation.


GOOD JOB! I like her lips! :thumbsup: