Mari Texturing Contest


Together with the release of Mari 1.2, The Foundry has today announced a fantastic texturing contest!

Details here:

Detailing the Dezkin.

We’re on the lookout for the world’s best MARI artist and we’re joining up NVidia, CG Society and 3D Artist Magazine to find them.

Prizes include:

  An NVidia Quadro 5000 graphics card
  A licence and full maintenance for MARI
  A feature article about the winner in 3D Artist Magazine.

We’re supplying, Dezkin, the model shown above for you to texture and if you can put the right detail in our devil you’ll be rewarded with some very nice goodies indeed.

The artwork will be judged both on the overall composition and the resolution of the textures you create, and the best of the entries received will be examined in higher detail still.

We’ll be looking for high resolution textures (4K+) implemented into a lookdev-ready texture setup (a minimum of colour, bump and spec maps for each shader). And idiosyncratic details which make the textures more believable will get bonus points too.

You could receive brownie points for submitting animated textures, renderable scenes (Maya and 3DS Max etc.) and showcasing your work in progress on CG Talk.

The first round, starting today, will be based on screenshots sent to and WIP threads on CG Talk.

Participants are encouraged to post their WIPs in this forum:


quick question; I have read your post and the website you have linked too, and I can’t seem to find if it is required to do this contest with MAKI… maybe it is a stupid question, if so, I’m sorry, but I would really enjoy clarification on that matter.

Can it be done with the software of our choice or are we restricted to maki?

By the way, awesome model, already downloaded it and it’s really full of vitality, can’t wait to start working on it.

Good luck to everyone, can’t wait to see the awesome stuff that’s gonna get out of this contest!


Considering the first line of text states “We’re on the lookout for the world’s best MARI artist”, it implies that Mari should be used, yeah :slight_smile:

Perhaps someone from The Foundry could provide further clarification - I am sure that usage of Photoshop and other apps is fine, but Mari should probably be used for a significant amount of the work. You can grab a demo from their site.


For those concerned, Maki doesn’t work with ATI or AMD graphic cards


Second Sickerman!


Thanks Leigh…Hope you remember me. I’m excited :applause:


If we could know, i might have a chance to join this extremely beautiful challenge. that rocks! (Mac user/ Ati card…)


Since one of the prizes is a license of Mari I’m assuming that The Foundry is encouraging those that don’t have it to give it a try. It’s definitely the prize I would want. The evaluation version only lasts 15 days so how should someone without a copy of Mari approach this, work quickly? :smiley:

Of course you know what they say about assuming.


There are some really great artists out there. Its worth joining and checking where you stand :slight_smile: I’m in!

Lets just hope that Justin Holt, Ted Davis and some other hard core texture painters don’t participate or else we are done for :smiley:


Hello, this is Aisling from The Foundry.

Sorry for the delay

You can use any software to prepare the files but you MUST PAINT WITH MARI.

You can download a free trial from
if you run Linux or Windows. It’s 15 days to start with but let me know at the end of the trial if you like it and I will extend the trial until the competition closing date.

If you have any urgent questions please email at but I’ll also be keeping an eye on the thread too.


This looks awesome! Thanks!


What shall we (ATI users) do in this case??


My guess would be: get a GPU that isn’t ATI or AMD…


Bam, that was fast. Thanks for the response Aisling.


Good guess though!! Yeah i gotta do something…Coz i’ve already started the lighting phase. :beer:


I feel your pain Koushik. I thought I might have a bash at it for fun, but since I only have Macs at home… waaaaaah! I might still have a sneaky bash at it during lunch breaks at work :slight_smile: Just for fun!


Hollaa! Leigh…Thanks and I appreciate your attempt to spare my pain.Anyways,that’s a good idea…I’m also planning to fire up my old school Nvidia pc to complete the texturing part just for fun.Thanks again :slight_smile: :beer:


I started working on some color palettes today. Hopefully I can squeeze in enough time to complete this challenge. Super excited!


got a graphic card warning message too…i have a gtx 260 -.-


Interesting challenge, i might just have to join in on this one even if i not win but for the fun of it. :slight_smile:
Although the 15 days trial is a bit on the short side, perhaps you guys should extend the trialperiod for everyone during the time this challenge runs otherwise you will end up flooded with requests to extend trialversions to last the entire period.

/ Magnus