MARI: Texture Challenge 2013 - Support Thread


Welcome to the MARI: Texture Challenge 2013 Support Thread.

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I’m getting an error on importing to 3ds Max – Polygon Index Error. This happens for all 3 resolution models.

It imports fine into C4D.


We’re just having a look at this now. Does it work if you re-export from C4D?

Thanks for the feedback.



I was going to try that but I’m running the demo C4D version which doesn’t support export. Cannot attempt.


Very nice to see a new challenge coming! However I’m facing a few issues with the provided geometries. First of all, is there a reason why the model is split up in such strange ways? Looks like the UV Patches are supposed to be parts of the geometry that fit together, however the actual model is split up in strange ways (parts of the body and the bike in 1 geo, etc).
The lower resolution models are not really workable, very strange topology and holes all over the place.
Also there are some problems with the highres (3,2mio) geometry itself. Maya finds quite a few nonmanifold edges for example.
It would be very helpful to see those things fixed :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!


I’m looking for clarification…

Number 10:

 Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.

I use Mari and Modo. Does this mean that I can’t post my WIP images on the Luxology forum while also posting here?
So I would like to know what is meant by the word “unpublished”.



Is there a rule for teams? Is the challenge for individuals or can I bring along team mates and work together on the texturing?


Hi all. I just imported the model into Mari and Maya - works both ways - but there appears to be an error with the model where a bunch of verts were merged by mistake. The opposite side doesn’t look like this.

See screen grab.



Thanks for the feedback.

We will be posting a new, updated model very soon.

Sorry for the messing around.



It will be my first challenge, so that in mind:

  1. what is important is it the model with the shaders or does it need a scene too?

  2. We can use any 3D software for the render?


Hi Chris,

Posting WIPs is fine (nice if you linked back to the challenge). It’s only the final beauty render that should remain unpublished anywhere but here until judging begins.

Cheers, Mike


There are no rules against it. Just choose a captain who will be the main contact and upload all the deliverables :slight_smile:

Cheeers, Mike


The new updated model is ready to download!

Cheers, Mike


Thanks for the updated model.
Also…so it’s OK for a multi-person team to complete against teams consisting of one person?


Actually, I’ve just been reminded of rule number 3…

Individual entrants only.
Individual entrants only.

so, umm, sorry no it is not (eating some dumb pie now)
Individual entrants only.
Individual entrants only.


I’ve just been reminded of rule number 3…

Individual entrants only.

So, sorry no teams. Must remember to drink coffee before answering forum :frowning:


Sorry, please ignore my previous pre-coffee message, because I’ve just been reminded of rule number 3…

Individual entrants only.

So, sorry no teams. I’m going to slink away now with egg on my face :frowning:


I just downloaded the updated model and I’m still seeing the same geo and uv problems the previous version had in Maya.


Hello Sir/Mam

Should i bake normal map using Modo or Maya on this model for give more gud quality of texture.



I just downloaded the updated model and I see there are still some issues with it:

  • 700k version is not 700k but 176k version
  • I can’t import it to the 3DsMax 2013 - “ERROR - invalid normal index”
  • I wanna use Octane Render for rendering and for some reason smoothing groups are not working with this model in Octane - each polygon is flat :sad: