Mari Geometry not appearing



I imported a UV’d object into Mari a week ago or so, started texturing, then found an issue with my UV’s which I’ve sorted now.
However… since then I’ve gone back into Mari to texture again.
I’ve exported a new object because I’ve altered the UV’s, but the geometry just doesn’t appear in the Mari viewport.
It’s in the shelf in objects.
I’ve tried click “a” on the object to center the screen to it.
I’ve also reset the camera.
I’ve also gone back to my previous file (with the UV problem) and now the object isn’t appearing there either!
I’m not sure if I’ve messed around with some settings accidentally?
Any ideas?

I was wondering if it might be to do with disk usage? Can that affect this sort of thing?


Mari cameras gone rogue sometimes happen and usually a reset or the 1.2.3 buttons to get the object in one of the ortho views does the trick. You can try and import something else and see if that triggers the camera to get back. Like a cube or any random new geo.


@meshman Thanks for your reply!
I deleted all the preferences for Mari and this seemed to work, maybe I changed some setting somewhere accidentally :slight_smile: