MARI Extension Pack 6 released


Version 6 of the industry standard plugin for Foundry’s Texturing Tool MARI is now available.

Full Release Overview:

This new version restores support for Mari 6, and future-proofs it by adding support for the currently not yet available Mari 7

On top of that, this version comes with many new features such as

  • New Nodes such as Circular Pattern Generators, a new Noise type, a full suite of Blend Mode Nodes and more

  • Nodegraph Quality of Life improvements such as a better Node Auto Insert onto Connections, Select closest node to cursor, quick connect and disconnect, new Node Align & Distribute

  • Quickmark Bookmarking System for Nodegraph Locations, Node Thumbnails, Image Annotations, Stickers

  • Powerful 3D Scan Projection Wizard

…and much more …

Version 6 is the start of the new long-term support series for Extension Pack. As was the case for the Extension Pack 5 series which received a total of 10 free upgrades (R2,R3 etc.) the Extension Pack 6 Series will receive continued updates over the next years, which will be free to registered users.

About Mari Extension Pack

Mari Extension Pack is a plugin for the texturing application “MARI by the Foundry”, which is considered an indispensable part of working with MARI by many users.

The plugin greatly extends Mari’s capabilities with hundreds of new tools, new nodes, Smart Masks, Material Templates, improved User Experience and much more.

Now in its 12th year of development the Plugin is widely used by both individual Mari Users as well as dozens of studios around the world.