MARI Extension Pack 5 R9 released (for Mari 4 & 5)


Mari Extension Pack 5 R9 is released as the 10th free upgrade to Extension Pack 5 Customers.
However this is far from a minor release…

Not only has Extension Pack undergone major rewrites to support Mari 5’s new VFX Reference Platform Standard, it also comes full of new features and a lot of bugfixes … making this release the biggest one since the original 5.0 release.

Full Release Editorial:

Some of the highlights of this release:

  • Support for both Mari 4 and Mari 5
  • Major Speed improvements for Mari 5
  • Open with … from Image Manager
  • Lot’s of Drag & Drop Improvements for better UX
  • Hex Tiling for Nodes and Materials
  • Paint Sequence Reload
  • Environment Map Loading to Shelf
  • Single Click opening of Node Properties
  • and much more

About Mari Extension Pack:

Mari Extension Pack is a plugin for the Texture Painting Application MARI by the Foundry extending its functionality.

It is widely used by studios around the world and customers include

Animal Logic, Framestore, Apple, Mikros, Sony Games, Sony Imageworks, Microsoft Games, Epic Games, Blizzard, The Mill, MPC, Passion Pictures, Disney ,Nickeolodeon, Illumination MacGuff, RFX, Cinesite, ,Square Enix, Scanline, Pixar, Dneg, Trixter, Pixomondo, Dreamworks, Blur Studios, WetaFX and more