Mari beginner tutorials


Hey everyone,
Does anyone know where I can find some free beginner tutorials for Mari? Thanks


Free, indepth tutorials for Mari aren’t really around yet, unfortunately. I guess it’s because Mari is still relatively new, comparatively speaking, on the scene, and perhaps most of the people using it to a very high degree (ie the kinds of people who know it well enough to teach it) are all too busy working to make any tutorials.

I’d love to do some tutorials for it but until it runs on a Mac, I can’t. Are there any specific questions you have about it?


I just want some basic tutorials about the interface, getting started with it etc. I know that The Foundry has some docs on it I was just hoping I could find some videos.


Tried this?

Honestly, Mari is pretty quick to learn. I learned it in one afternoon - if you are coming from a Photoshop background, it’ll take a bit of getting used to as Mari is fundamentally a very different beast. But frankly I think it’s the best tool around for texturing so just persevere with it and learn to tame it. It has some seriously kickass tools.


Will do, thanks. Also I want to apologize for how people were talking to you on my last post about the texture artist portfolio. I didn’t mean for it to become a heated debate it was just a simple question.


Oh I didn’t realise you were the same person. Don’t worry about it, and there’s no need to apologise as it wasn’t even remotely your fault. Some people just have an axe to grind.

Good luck with learning Mari. Hopefully in the next year we’ll see more free learning materials out there for it.


Have some free material amongst the paid-for content.

The coverage of their Mari tutorials is very good and pretty reasonably priced.


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