Mari 1.2 - how to get a transparent layer


Hello All

I have a question regarding Mari and its channel/layer painting system.

We are using version 1.2 at work and I am wondering how I can set a new channel to be transparent.

Right now if I create a new channel it it has 50% grey as the default colour.

There has to be a way to set the default layer to be transparent kind of like how it is in Photoshop.


If you click the grey swatch on the create new channel dialog you can pick transparent as the color.

Also, 1.2 is pretty old now, you might want to consider upgrading to 1.5 for some extra speed and stability.


Hey thanks for the reply,

I have tried setting the swatch to transparent , but I still get a base colour of grey.

I am hoping we upgrade to 1.5 soon… but right now its all I got. :frowning:


Are you sure the layer is RGBA and not just RGB?


Thanks Leigh

That was the problem.

Figured it out at the end of the day…the channel wasn’t RGBA…sigh.

Its always the simplest things.


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