Marco - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Hi to everyone,
Finally I have decided to join this animation session.

Now I try to explain my idea (oh my poor english!:sad:):

  1. A hand drawn character takes a doll and a scissors to cut the doll.
  2. a shadow grow from a side.
  3. the main character fell it
  4. and is expression turn into fear when understand what’s happening.
  5. Now the cut.
  6. You can see a sheet with the character and a big scissors in order to cut them.

here is the character:



I like your very stylizied character. Too bad there’s no sound, I bet some odd vocals could really make her bizzareness shine.

I’m also glad there finally is a non-3D entry! I want to see the process of creating a full 2D animation.



ops! I’m sorry Wolves but this is a 3d animation and its particularity is the style.

Then I post the 3D version of the character



Ah, oh well. It still looks cool.



Yes, this is a nice style, hope u can make the animation as good as the style.
Great idea by the way.


well well, now I post some frames from my animation.

Frame #01:

Frame #15:

Frame #45:

Frame #70:

now the CUT and Frame #71:

In the final animation the character hides the doll and the scissors behind its back

That’s all for now.:slight_smile:

Comments? Suggestions?



He should be scared getting cut. To me i don’t believe him, if he just looks sad.
Make him look scared and then rush the doll and the scissor to back and look innocent.

Just my thoughts


I agree with NatXotic. You should have a few frames in there for an anticipation and then to the scared pose.

I really like your idea for your animation. I can see this idea being explored further. For some reason I see your character running for her life, but she runs into the edge of the paper and cannot run any further, whilst the scissors are cutting through the paper about to get her, except your character cuts herself out of the paper and runs away. If only we had 20 seconds for this project…

Keep up the good stuff!



Thanx for your comments.

vrljc: I like your idea about the cut of herself :wink: The main idea can be explored further in many ways, in fact the character comes from another my 3D short actually in working.

Take a look to this test of the final animation



I really like it. But I do have one comment-

When the character notices the big scissors, she drops her arms that are holding the doll and small scissors. I’m guessing she’s ‘hiding’ the doll and scissors behind her, but it’s a kinda hard to tell.

If that is the case, I think you should make it a little more obvious. I’m not sure how, maybe by ‘cheating’ and making her hands dissapear completely… We can still see them in-between the squiggles that color her dress.



finally, the time is almost over and there is my last update (maybe).
I have fixed the ‘hiding’ like suggested by Raised but I haven’t enough time to change her sad pose to a scared one.:shrug:

My final animation here.



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