Marcin Rubinkowski - Concept designer


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Open-minded Concept artist and Illustrator, addicted to self progress and expanding abilities on any field. Original born in Poland, polished in Best Hollywood VFX School. Awarded by CGSociety, Artstation, CG+, Wacom and Gnomon VFX School.

Active mostly in movie and game industry anywhere on the Planet, recently for famous Tim Miller’s Blur studio for Bungie’s Destiny 2 Blockbuster and later, but also Baginski’s studio Platige Image and many others uses his creative services.

Marcin was sharing his knowledge as a speaker on CG and Game conferences like CGevent and Digital Dragons but also in best CG Magazines: 2Dartist, Photoshop Magazine and Books: Master the Art of SpeedPainting, Digital Painting Techniques v8.

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