March/April 2003 Official Classic Challenge Guidelines - Mar 13th - Apr 30th


Welcome once again to the CGTalk challenges. First off I must say the “Races of Middle Earth” challenge was a HUGE success, and because of that we have some very very happening things in the mix that will sure to keep a smile on your faces for the rest of the year :). That out of the way let’s get to what you all really want… The next challenge topic.

It was a landslide! The council wanted to have loads of fun this time around, and we hope you’ll have another fun-filled month with our next challenge. We will be making the challenges a bit longer from this point on, so this challenge will be a month and 1/2 long. I’ve noticed much better results with and extended date.

Welcome to our 12th WIP classic challenge…

This month’s Challenge is entitled “The Hapless Hero/Villian/Head Quarters”

- The Hapless Hero/Villian/Head Quarters -
Everyone’s heard of the successful big superheroes and supervillains, but how about those less fortunate ones that try just as hard but just never manage to accomplish anything? We think they deserve their spotlight too. Just because they are overweight, have asthma, a bad rash, don’t shower, have acute diarrhea, are alcoholic or are afraid of hights doesn’t mean they are less worthy, right?

Alternatively you can also show the character’s fall from grace due to his or her inability to protect the planet, love interest, innocent puppy, pizzaman, etc through incompetence

Here’s what stated as the final rules for the The Hapless Hero/Villian/Head Quarters Challenge

The final rules for the 12th challenge are:

1) Create a character/vehicle/HQ that failed to make the “SuperHero” or “SuperVillian” status
2) Cannot be an existing SuperHero/SuperVillian/HQ [ie Batman, and his lair]
3) Heroes and Villians can be based on present identities, but heavy influences will be ignored.
4) It’s imperitive to provide a background story and sketch/concept drawing.
5) textures are allowed for final voting if you feel so inclined.
6) Bumpmaps are allowed throughout the challenge and for final voting (so you don’t have to texture your character/vehicle if you don’t feel the need to)
7) fur plugins are allowed. Longer hair HAS to be either modelled or clip/opacity mapped.
8) has to be posed showing the failure in action
9) the reason for the failed superhero/villain should be plainly visible. I.e. the asmathic hero might have a utilitybelt full of asthma inhalers.
10) if modelling a vehicle or lair it should be obvious why the owner is a failure. I.e. the asmathic hero’s vehicle could have an emergency respirator

The Challenge starts Mar 13th, 2003 and will run until April 30th, 2003 Midnight GMT

An excellent idea was suggested last month to have a countdown timer located on the cgchallenge site. This will be implemented shortly after. You will never be guessing when the challenge is nearing its end! (providing you check the cgchallenge site ;))

additional notes:

- Please provide some form of concept art, a doodle is fine.

  • Render from a few different point of views so we can see details. Remember that this is a WIP challenge, so it is a requirement to show the steps you used, and help out as much as you can, of course you’re not obligated to, but it will help those that need it greatly.

There are however some restrictions to prevent unnecessary issues:

[li]Images with a direct outside linking should NOT exceed the size of either 800x600 or 600x800 in the forum itself. . . If you wish to show a larger formatted picture, do so using the new site. . .this is to help those people with small monitors and slow connections.
[/li][li] Important, Please DO NOT use any models prior to the challenge start date, please start from scratch. If it’s evident you used an old model, you will be told to remove and start over.[/ul]

When you begin a new thread please use the following syntax

The Hapless Hero - character/vehicle/HQ - [your name]
The Hapless Villian - character/vehicle/HQ - [your name]

so for example

The Hapless Hero - character - lildragon

And that’s it,

Now on with the show :slight_smile:


Challenge issues resolved here

have fun!