Marcelo R. Ortiz - Animation Sessions 11 - Action cut


Hey guys…this is my first session here!

I guess I will have free time this week so I will try to participate! I hope I can finish this one. I hate stoping in the middle.

Well, my shot is really simple. I guy is preparing for a fight, but he doesn´t now where his opponent is, so for his shot I will have a close up camera. When he turns to the other side, he got scare and them we have a CUT, now we can see the other guy punching him from the other side, for this one I will have a pan camera. That is it. I am noth sure what will happens after the punch… I will figure something else, I hope!

I will use my own rig Edgard 1.0 ans XSI.

This should be my storybord…


hey, sorry about the bad english!



I decided to make the guy spin after the punch. I guess It could be more dramatic. I sarted to block that part. here it is. Just blocking!

Working hard that night. I will post more later.

I am using XVID CODEC. you can install itt direct from here:[u]XviD_Install.exe[/u]



New UpDate!

For now I am OK with this version of the guy recieving the punch. Now I will start the other guy animation. If I have time I will be back to that animation an polish it more.

I am using XVID CODEC. you can install itt direct from here:[u]XviD_Install.exe[/u]




New Update!

Just checking if the other guy will works. Start blocking!

I am using XVID CODEC. you can install itt direct from here:[u]XviD_Install.exe[/u]

Any comments untill now?



I think a lot of us are using any free time we have to work on our own animation. Holiday crunch time = no time to comment on others.

I absolutely love the mid-air pause the ‘punch-ee’ does before he falls. Please keep it with whatever else you alter.

I do get a little confused with the guy on the right turning 180 degrees. That coupled with the spinning of the punch-ee, there is a lot of spinning going on in the animation. Anyway to cut out the punch-ers turn? If it were me (but there’s dozens of other ways to do this though) I would have the puncher use his right hand, and keep his arm extended in the pose he would be in immediatley after contact with his face… Did that make sense?


Nice models by the way. You make em? I love the style. Let me know where you got em if you didn’t make em.


pretty nice so far. When and where will the cut happen? --oh wait… I just checked the boards… Yeah man… Looking pretty nice so far.


looks good, I like it alot, but the orange guy seems to jump a bit before he falls and I would like it to feel more like he just fell… maybe if he punch made him spin upward and then he could fall out of it?

just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

thks for the replies! : )

RaisedByWolves: I am working onthe other guy. I iwll upload as fas as I can. I dont have too much time. I did the character and my co-worker Jovy design it! You can download him from this link im my website:
AWAKE: Thks! The cut shoulb be before this shot! I hope I can finish it! My fre time is really shorty again…

monstersauce: Thks for teh comment. I don’t have time to change it now. My idea was trying ot do a really exagerate punching shot, that’s why I have that jump before he fells. It should looks like a really BAD actor trying to get more attention that he needs, can understan that? (sorry about the ba english) Maybe I changed after this contest…

Tommorrow early I will upload the new version!



AS I promissed, here it is, the new update!

I am using XVID CODEC. you can install itt direct from here:[u]XviD_Install.exe[/u]

I guess i will not have time to work more on the weekend… So I will try to do the first shot and finish it on time!

Thks for all help and comments! : )



I had a couple free hours this morning, so I worked to have the full animation working. I hope to have more time to work on both takes…

The last update with the cut.

I am using XVID CODEC. you can install itt direct from here:[u]XviD_Install.exe[/u]

C&C are really wellcome!




that is probably my final version. I wll try to render, but I guess the point here is only the animation, anyway…

Here it is in QT 1,6MB

Good luck everyone! I really enjoyed doing this session, can´t wait for the next one! : )



Hey master!! :smiley:

Excelent entry, great animation.

The second character reminds Caetano Veloso hahaha, sorry I need to sleep :scream:

Keep rocking my friend!!

Vitor Vilela


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