Maquette: Dragon Head



here are some pics of a Dragon Head I sculpted:

It’s made from sculpey and magic-sulpt (kinda like miliput).
Eventually, I will prime it and paint, but who knows when that will be! :stuck_out_tongue:
Comments and Crits welcome of course!

Many thanks to my pal Andrew Lee for taking the pics and to Shyal for hosting my images.


Hey Orange_3d

I really like your sculpt. The scale detailing is really awesome! Wish i had the patience to do detail like that. Would love to see this painted.

good job!


long time no see, Sonny!

this is so detailed & so good! you used any reference or u ve your own concept drawings to base on while sculpting?


Cool sculpt man! Did you do all those scales by hand, or did you use a stamp of some kind (or maybe both…). Keep it up!

btw. Looking forward to those sculpts on your website. Do you think you would be able to send me a reminder once its up? Let’s hope so…


ah, that’s great. I had plans of getting into sculpting and this has inspired that feeling again.


I’m really likin this guy. The horns are wicked, and the beakish snout really makes him unique. Can’t wait to see it painted up.


Well done Sonny. I am very impressed. :bounce:


thanks everybody

gatchaman: it’s pretty much my own concept, but i did look at a lot of dragon pictures to get an idea on which direction to proceed (design wise)…i wanted something that was chunky with a lot of texture, i also wanted something that will look good from all angles…i also looked at crocodiles for insipiration…

Creamdog: yeah, all the scales were done by hand, though i should probably have made a stamp…i’ll keep ya updated

sizzlebits: i am glad the piece can inspire you, that’s always a problem i face myself…


nice work. :beer: i would thicken the teeth and the gum/skin? area at the base of each tooth around it as well. they look kinda flimsy to me if they were that thin.

Nonetheless, fabulous work and detail u got there.


hello, very nice work… cool details…
i like a lot the skin details…and general feel of the head.

i ’ m looking forward to see the complete dragon .

nice job man.


sorry useless double post (server busy error cheat me:))


hey, i’ve started work on a full body dragon! it’s in the WIP section of cgtalk…

have a look see and let me know your comments!


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