Map Extraction not working in 3DS Max


Hi there,

I’m new to Mudbox and i was planning to sculpture a model. But before i start, thought just experimenting with Mudbox. So when i was doing that, the problem i faces is, i cannot get a proper displacement in 3DS max. Here is the screen shot of what im saying. I did everything right, but im missing something.

First i created a cube inside Mudbox


Then started sculpting at level 4


increased the level to 6 to smoothen


Extracted Texture Map as displacement map


Exported the same object as .OBJ and opened in 3DS Max


And added Vray displacement modifier and added displacement map texture which extracted from mudbox


when i render, this is what i get. im not getting what i got in Mudbox


The UVs and everything is good. Plzzzzzzzz… any help is really appreciated