Many Ways


Doing all the images to this contest, ( 1 per day :P) I look my choices in every detail of each piece and think about the hundreds of millons of choices and posibilities when someone like my create one of this images.
And I think that all my choices are away from a technical choice, and is full related with beauty and sense of feel. but still are out there “many ways” to reach something, to get a result.

In this many ways, my guide, my path to follow… is the beauty.

hope u like it.


Hey I like the color combinations of this 1 :wink:
But (my opinion ofcourse) would be cooler to make not 1 each day, but making 1 in a week with some background/history…I mean wich have a meaning or representing something :slight_smile:

But besides that I like the image :wink:


Hi qualize, thanks for post and for look my image.

I want share with you something, I do one piece per day, beacuse, sometimes the inspiration came to me in that way and I become in a machine generator of images. Some times the inspiration just i’s not there for me, and some times I have ideas that I work for a long time.

In this particular contest I have ideas from long ago and the inspiration came to my to produce one piece per day to realize those ideas and new ones, but my actual process ( inside of me) is make one piece, finish, and make another. All this is part of a process and a moment of my actual life.

However i’ll take your opinion with intelligence and I’ll try to do one piece with more days over the work. One of that pieces with more work on is in this contest “moment of life”, take a look later.

Well, this is all folks!

Thanks again for look my art and good luck for you too!!!




nice composition and vibrant colors, i really like it.


Great comp, nice colors, nice lighting, great render super-great image! Can’t suggest anything I’d change in it.


Nicely done


I like many of your works…this is a great render for composition and mix of warm and cold colours…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

digital compositor


wow! this one is really a nice piece of nothing… my favourite till now… grats


WOW! Glasses in their shining beauty. Congrats!


Hi everyone there, I want to thanks all posts because is very important to me have this feedback, and makes me feel very glad.
I hope post more images to this fantastic contest and also that all of you post your works to keep going looking all the wonderfoul pieces.

keep rendering and good luck to all. ( sorry for my english)



Great Work Pal…

It’s similar to my work.

Please have a look on

I hope u like it…


In my country corruption is almost epidemic, people don’t respect rules or laws. I put my faith in cgsociety prestige and entered this contest.
Watching the last comments made to the published finalists, I ask you to retire all my 26 entries with my finalist too, because I DON’T want to be part of this dirty contest, you can delete my account too.


Te felicito por la mensión !
Un laburo genial !


Nice, but why is that pattern all over the bg?


I love it! It is so dreamy. I can imagine seeing a structure like this overhead in some new museum or the like and letting my mind drift as I watch the light flowing through it. Great choice of color too.

What software did you use?


This piece is FANTASTIC! It expresses my personality in so many ways. I would love to have a large print of this image on my wall… Congrats my fellow Artist! :thumbsup:



I find this piece exemplar of a new Fine Art form. Unlike abstract art from the past the attention to detail is superb. Resonance with human aesthetic values (Makes me feel good) is solid.
As a retired Dean of an Art & Design school my new direction is focused on lighting Fine Art.
I would like to print your piece, large (36"+) and 400 dpi or more, on .5" Plexiglas. I would light it using Super Bright LED’s in combination with wave guide technologies. If you are interested please contact me at


Thanks to everyone that post here and enjoy my art piece, I’m very glad with the Honorable mention and all the comments in order to be part of this comunnity of great artists, I work every day to improve my skills and be better as creator , and every day I want be better artist too, so… this is very important to keep growing.

Thanks again to everyone.



Freakin Nice work …

Love the color scheme its pretty nice … very viberant …



good choice of colors. blend together very nicely