Many Boole holes problem


i have a surface and i need to put holes in it one at a time

very simple task but not in c4d i guess…

sc01_question.c4d (7.0 MB)

all sorts of glitches and unwanted artifacts are happening,
i would also want to have beveled holes but the bevel deformer screws it up even more.

i’m using octane for rendering

maybe is a scaleing issue? but i already have my whole scene set up with cameras and lighting…


Are you using r20 or r21? If so, you might have much better luck using the Volume Builder/Mesher.

You can mostly use the set up you already have, just replace the boolean generator with a volume builder, and set your tubes to subtract.


Bool needs a bit of geometry to work with. By placing the group of holes in the middle of a single polygon you created a pretty difficult siutation for Bool to solve. Try subdividing this polygon to get better results.
If artifacts happen you sometimes can remedy the situation by changing the segment count of one or more of the cylinders.