Manually keyframe a mocap stream in motionbuilder


I would like to exactly match the motion of my model to a video of a hand drawn animated character. The easiest way I can think to do this is to have the
hand drawn character animation on a video plane behind my streaming motion capture model and have the actor pose himself to match each pose of the hand drawn character in its state at the current frame ,keyframe it, then continue this process for the whole animation every few frames. How could I do this?


Go o File/ Import Video. Only some formats will work. I was not able to get it to use images sequences.

But use the right or left ortho camera, double click on it in the Navigator to get the properties and go to the back plate. Where it says background texture you can load the video in your scene, check the box and it will load it into the camera.

The only way I have been able to find how to make the BG image stick to the zoom and pan of the camera is to go into Advanced settings and use 2D navigator. Move the sliders. Not so intuitive but it works.


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