Mantibot-My entry for a robot design competition, Linghan Bai (3D)


Title: Mantibot-My entry for a robot design competition
Name: Linghan Bai
Country: Australia
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This robot is my entry for a robot design competition in China. It is required by the competition that Chinese cultural elements should be integrated into the design, which I find is difficult to accomplish, and this piece is what I come up with.

My idea is to create a robot that is as realistic as possible, so I incorporate univeral joint and hydraulic transmission system into the design.

The robot consists of 1641 objects, and was modeled in Maya. I also rigged the whole model, so all the joints and hydraulic transmission system are animatable.

It took me several months to finish this project, from initial design to final rendering. The process is painstaking but fun:)

Critiques and comments are welcome.


nice work man…
very detailed modeling…
but leg position & placement feels odd…

keep working…


I like it a lot…robot style wise, I wonder how it would look with the head chopped off though?


Wow amazing model. Great details on it.
shadowcrew is right… the legs really look a little strange… but why not!
Great design and good choice of colors. Very well done lighting too. I really like your robot. Would love to see it moving!

Cheers Silverwing


Thats cool :slight_smile: i really like it. Looks clean, did you turbo smooth everything for this?


very good work, I really like this design :slight_smile:

I would like to see this one fighting in a complete scene with lasers going all around. Adding some glowing lights might also look cool.

Anyways good job.


Looks great, love your design and the details on the body, works well together!

Now take it to outdoor and give it some action shots. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the reply, here is another shot.
I made all the visible objects smoothed before rendering.


Nice work mate, really good modeling.


good started,
wow amazing very good modeling & detalis i like it the textures is very look great but : jest change the background ok

good luck 4 ever :beer:


WOW! Man i love mech! Great work!


Excellent work


Stunning work in every detail! Would be awesome to see it’s animation! :thumbsup:


Nice work on the modeling :thumbsup:


Awesome details,nice design you got there…:applause:
IMHO rendering should be reworked :wise:
Good work :thumbsup:


nice two thumbs up, and the model is well detailed keep it up


Fine work!


Very nice!

For those of us (like me) not familiar with Chinese culture, could you tell a little what elements you were able to incorporate into the design?


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