Manor House, Day to Night


Hi guys just thought I would share with you my last matte piece I did, where I took a photo plate and turned a simple day time manor, into a spooky night time manor!

Matte Painting:

Original Plate:

I have a breakdown and small projection/animation in my current show reel which you can find over at:

Would love to see what you guys think, about to start working on my next project from today as I’ve now officially graduated from University!


Keep in mind that if the window on the left is lit, the entire room should emit some light. The chimney looks a bit unstable at the moment. The fog elements make those areas somewhat soft. Maybe check those and explore different integration methods. Keep going.


Thank you Milan, very good advice, I didn’t think of the how the light would affect the room! Constantly trying to improve my skills, keeping my work updated on artstation and my website!

Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile: