Manoeverability Enhanced Acceleration Device


leftit a bit late and got the aspect wrong!


HoneyWyne Motors presents the M.E.A.D. - Manoeverability Enhanced Acceleration Device - An off-world touring cyke.

5 Quantum Entanglement Drive ( QED ) TeleTorque Bill Units and 2 Carla Confirmation Units.
QED01 - Primary Propulsion ( HoarFrost Cryodrives Jet Turbine )
QED02 - Secondary Propulsion ( low speed on-axle traction drive )
QED03 - Primary Gyroscopic Resist/Assist Spinner ( nose mount )
QED04/05 - Secondary Gyroscopic Resist/Assist Spinners ( rear mounts )

The spinners ( mounted in gradable resistance gimbals ) enhance manoeverability, stability, provide deceleration and allow the cyke to balance on one wheel. They also offset the spin of the jet turbine. All torque is provided by an Alice unit. Recharge at your nearest LHC.
Tritank fuel system includes atmosphere sniffer. Different environments react differently to different fuels.
MagnaLok Stirrups ensure you stay on the cyke at top speeds, and also control the rear spinners, afterburner iris dilation and actuating sleeve angle.
Multi-spectra intensifying Hologlass windshield ( and helmet visor ) makes headlights obsolete.
Tail lights? The metre long jet flame provides sufficient visibility for anyone who doesn’t blink and miss you ( they don’t usually miss your sonic wake, though ).
Dust intake is virtually eliminated at low(er) speeds by the turbine blade which is reversed closer to the centre to provide blowback which creates an air vortex just in front of the intakes, spinning heavier particles to the outside of the engine, simultaeneously reducing wind resistance. At higher speeds the phase “eat my dust” applies.

As you may have guessed, my computer takes a very long time to render things.


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