Manhunt blamed!


Not real direct:

The game belonged to the victim. He was assaulted by a friend who wanted money to buy drugs. Nothing to do with the game at all.


humm… thought the :rolleyes: would be expressive enough … but … since it wasn’t … i was being sarcastic, as in “Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)” .

The post was ment to express the little to none at all causality chain between the events reported. PLAYING A GAME CAN NOT MAKE U KILL SOMEONE. The indirect influence was a sarcastic remark about the weak links on this chain of events.


omg god people some of you sure write some looong posts

enough already with this

its going to be here because its been here all the time. I have seen more violent movies -irreversible being the latest one.The only solution being that be a good parent and educate your kids on the rights and the wrongs.

Believe me it all starts from the family and how well everybody communicates with each other.


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