Manga Workshop!! It's Here Finally!!


Finally after a delay of one year we are glad to present you
Manga Workshop
This workshop will run over a period of time explainin different aspects
of human anatomy and its connection with Manga.
Its an open workshop so we encourage all beginners and people of intermadiate level to
All artworks created with this workshops help OR if you want your anatomy work to be crtiquied
please post your artworks in your sketchbook or in
The Manga Thread



we will start off now…


chapter 2 continues next week…:deal:


due to some computer problem and constant power problems (my ups battery’s died) the next update will trickle slowly into the board…and if you feel this workshop been of some use to you then please show us some updates of your .atleast i’l b really happy to see it…:scream:

cheers to all!!


Great effort Killermachine! :thumbsup:
I’ve been watching this thread although I don’t really have any stuff to show at this moment (and hence, hesitated to reply).

A little suggestion that pops out of my head while reading your posts: Since different manga artists seem to have different proportion/anatomy styles (like for example Koge Donbo and CLAMP), maybe it’s a nice idea to present the audience those variations.

Keep up the good work!


I have lost passion in art of late. I might start up Manga as I have always seen it as a passionate art form. Thanks for these and I shall be showing my head hopefully in the Manga topic.



hi all.a trainees life is hard:sad: so this update is small and aimed at beginner’s in manga as i have stressed before, your manga wont look good if its foundation is weak which is anatomy and a sense of approach towards it.i’l quite down now and start work on next part for next week and leave you with these.tell me if you would want a tutorial on muscle study too.


@XP-58:the comparision of different artist will surely come but before that we need to make sure that a;; the beginners who are interested in manga get to improve their skills before they can choose the style in which they would want to work.
@Fl3wk: surely we will wait for you their

cheers to all and thanks for looking!!


hi I’m new to this community and i’m also totally beginner but i will do my best and please do post the muscle part to. (sorry for my english if it’s hard to understand ^_^)


Question - is 7 heads measure characteristic for manga or is it your favorite one? I use 8 heads measure but I don’t draw in manga style. I wish to try it one day, your workshops will be good direction for that :slight_smile:


sirielle: the 7 head construction we showed here was for people who really need to improve their we started from the real measurements…usually the 8 head and 8 and half heads are used while making manga which you will see wen the torso update hits in 2 weeks or so…Damn enrique hasnt updated the head which can mean another delay:sad:


image hosting problems from photobucket so trying imageshack

head anatomy in manga


next part in the series…i will try to upload next part on time i promise :scream:

keep practising… :slight_smile:


is there any up date ?


im sorry revliss.because of slow/no response to our workshop we had put it on hold.but v will be starting it very soon again.keep ur support up :thumbsup:


just one question exactly when will this workshop be up an running


Thank you very much Amrinder ! :slight_smile: Even after searching extensively through internet, never found such good materials on learning Manga art before :slight_smile: … please let us to have more from you :slight_smile: .

Best regards



Great work here!:thumbsup:

All you need to do to get more participation, I’d say is make it a full fledged workshop such as Anand’s recent Animal in Repose, get a good plug on the main page and this one should be flying. I’d be in for sure. :slight_smile:



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