manga charactor


Just read a book called “How to draw Manga”. Thought I’d put what I’ve learned to actual practice, so here’s the result.

Done in Photoshop with my tiny wacom tablet (horizontal line is a pain to draw!)

And I made a wallpaper just for fun.

Overall, I had fun creating this charactor. I think I’ll make a female manga charactor next. Hopefully, she’ll look better than this guy, hehe.


well, i actually dissapprove of those books, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

i take it you read it to try and get better at anime faces? because the body you’ve drawn looks fine.

the chin looks as though the skull should tilt back, however, the face does not. make the “v” of the chin flip the other way, or use what you know about the skull–and i’m assuming you must know something because of the body–to tilt the face how you want it. the eyes are different distances from the nose–although, with some styles, particularly the DBZ-esque thing you’ve got going, noses are hard to judge.

also, work on the connection of arm/shoulder. they look wrong somehow.

nice start.


Thanks for the advice, Megra. :thumbsup: I did some little fixes as you suggested (overwriting the old ones since I don’t have much web spaces).

I was actually trying to better at drawing bodies with extreme pose, but I thought I’d start with something easy first. Wasn’t thinking about DBZ at all, hehe. I guess it’s the color scheme, oh and no sense of style probably is another fact too.

I’ve been watching alot of anime lately namely Gundam Seed, Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex, Macross Zero, and was fascinated by how artistic Japanese animes are. Each episode is close to movie qualities, I can imagine the amount of works they put into.

Thanks again


:} there’s no need to say “japanese animes”–its generally a given that anime refers to japanese animation. at least where i live it is.

you found a couple of the more nicely done ones. if you really want to see some beautiful work though, i would suggest the vampier hunter D movies, and maybe the utena movie.

not all anime is that well done, though. be careful where you look:P


Looks like Hennet from the 3e dungeons and dragons books…


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