Manga and Anime


I always understood (or maybe assumed) that “manga” referred to the japanese comics and “anime” to the cartoons. Yet some japanese guy told a friend of mine a while ago that anime was actually a refined (i.e. not cheap) version of manga, and thus, “anime” could also be used to refer to printed material.
I’m asking on these boards for clarification, since I’m sure there are quite enough experts on this matters here.


I think anime is everything in that style that is animated. Manga is the printed material. I do think it needs to be made in Japan, or at least it must be made by a japanese person. That’s just my opinion. I don’t really like the american, french, dutch, or whatever “manga” For me manga and anime is made in japan else they are comics and cartoons. Sounds a bit stupid, but it’s just my opinion.


Have fun :slight_smile:

Anime [annie-may] Japanese for ‘animation’.

‘Anime can range from the very silly to the very serious, and is not necessarily intended for children or any specific age group.’ - Michael Kim

Animation as an industry is much bigger in Japan than it is in North America, being of the same order of magnitude as the ‘live-action’ film industry there. All genres are supported through three separate mediums: TV episodes, Original Video Animation i[/i], and full length feature films. While anime varies in quality according to both production techniques and artistic merit, the level of sophistication is, in general, far superior to it’s counterpart outside Japan, the ‘cartoon’.


Sometimes confused with anime, manga is the Japanese word for comic book (or Graphic Novel, if you prefer) and is used in English to mean Japanese comic books. Manga and anime are very closely related, as artists frequently crossover, as do the characters they create. Usually the manga is created first, and if it becomes really popular then the market it deemed capable of supporting a much more costly animation based on it.


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