Man of Steel: The reviews are...


…as solid as steel?

IGN-Action-packed, briskly-paced and featuring a stellar cast, Man of Steel is the best Superman film since the 1978 original and proves DC can match Marvel in the massive scale department. While it could have used a bit more levity, Man of Steel is nevertheless director Zack Snyder’s best film to date.

We got this covered-At once vaster in scope than any superhero movie yet produced, and as intimately, crushingly emotional as any other entry in the genre, Man of Steel lands with the precise, explosive weight of a true historical milestone.

The Verge-In other words, thanks to Man of Steel, Superman has truly earned the right to have fun saving people again, precisely because his two sets of fathers — both on-screen and behind the camera — decided to take him seriously.


67% on Rotten and falling.

Doesn´t bode well so far.

One common critique is that there´s too much non-stop action like in Transformers 3 final act. For me that´s a good thing in a Superman movie, if the lead-up is well done (which it wasn´t in TF3).


Wow yea it has dropped, last night it was 72%

I’m also looking forward to some solid action. I enjoyed the Christopher Reeves movies when I was younger. However, moving forward into a new millenia I have wanted to see super powered battles similar to those seen in the JLU cartoons. I didnt hate Bryan singers Superman but at the same time I was really disappointed that in an age that VFX can make anything possible, it was seen fit that Superman should use his powers to stalk his ex girlfriend rather than a true epic battle.


Ha, I wonder if we ought to start waiting before posting these review threads.

Seems like every single one recently has been posted with all the glowing, paid for, pre-screening reviews. Saying the movie is great. Then the film is released and it’s torn apart.

Anyways I was really looking forward to this, still plan on seeing it this weekend. This summer has been quite a let down film wise so far though.


I have a feeling that this will be a more polarizing movie than say, Avengers. Of course there are still people who didn’t like that, too.

But I think Superman is one of the more comic-booky of comic-book characters, and maybe the overly serious mood vs. the outrageous powers won’t fly with everyone, so to speak. Avengers had an overall light and fun tone and kept the energy up. This looks much more heavy handed, which may or may not work, or work universally.

I’m still looking forward to this a great deal and will see it with cautious optimism.


I was kinda worried about this from the beginning. This is making me a bit more worried. Still not sure if I will see it. The third trailer, at least, made me slightly more interested, and hearing that it might be larger in scope than Avengers is a plus. Still, I would really need to know that the flying is not going to look like plastic dolls flying around. That would kill it for me.


It appears that most of the criticism of the film is that it’s too dark and too serious. Not surprising if that’s the case. I was concerned from the get go that they would try to make this film too much like the DARK KNIGHT. I understand the need to get all the characters in the DC universe to play well together, but what worked for one character, isn’t necessarily going to work for another. Superman is not the dark and brooding character that Batman/Bruce Wayne is. Also, even though, the new Superman theme is epic, and lofty, it isn’t as rousing, uplifting, or as iconic as the John Williams theme.
I really do want this to be a good film, and I hope it’s successful. Warners really needs it to do well. So much is riding on this movie, particularly after the disappointment of SUPERMAN RETURNS, than the debacle of the GREEN LANTERN movie. The future of the DC Comics universe in the cinema is depending on the success of this film.


Well it must be good considering how cocky the studio is to already announce a sequel to it before it’s even out in theaters.


Love what Shannon said recently in an interview. The guy is brutally honest about his day job and I admire him for it.

''Literally the first shot I did, I was supposed to be coming out of a spaceship, which was basically some wooden stairs they’d built and painted neon green. I walked down them in my unitard, acting like I’m General Zod
after the take I walked over to the monitor and Zack was sitting there, and I watched it back and smirked
Zack said, ‘What’s wrong?’, and I said, 'That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in my life, Zack replied , ‘Yeah, but two years from now, it’s gonna be one of the most badass things you’ve ever seen in your life.’ And it is”.



Havent seen it yet, but seems to be a pattern. Man of Steel is at 63% atm.

Some of us here loved those films.

(I wont mention Sucker Punch.)

That said, Im still hopeful. :slight_smile:


Don’t care, looks good, although I still think Zach needs different editors for a few of his films (sucker punch was atrocious).


I think Superman’s broad recognition/appeal is working against him in the internet age.

Everyone loves Superman. Your Grandmother surprisingly enjoyed the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. Yet Superman is published every month to about …

…I can’t even find him ( I am sure he is in Justice League) among numbers that have been shrinking since Superman was created (with the occasional bumps in history)

this Wired review slams it

but most of the points are character related and along the lines of “things aren’t the way I remember them in other contexts”.

Of course, if you are a fan of 300, Watchmen or Dawn of the Dead.ii then this sounds like what you want. I feel that the haters, or at least the Wired review in particular, is in denial about what Superman is.

Superman is a violent power fantasy that starts to resonate with 4-6 year olds during their imaginary friend phase and follows millenium of precedent (Superman and Hercules share a lot of DNA in my opinion). He is the strongest man in the World, if not actually, to that kid component within us all.

And in the age of the internet, a vocal minority that like a 30 year old movie about a character that they haven’t supported much in recent decades are unhappy because it isn’t what they wanted.

BUT, if you kind of like Zack Snyder movies, the new Batman movies, or recent action movies in general…it still looks pretty good to me.

I don’t see this as another John Carter, and I expect that it will make hundreds of millions of dollars. The thing that irks me is that that won’t be good enough and within a week or two there will be fairly well informed people speculating that the “numbers are a little soft” to warrant a sequel…a point brought up with regards to the latest Star Trek which is a success but not mega enough, I guess, not to warrant negative speculation.

Can’t wait to see it.


I like Zak Snyder movies. That doesn’t, however, mean I am going to like his Superman if it isn’t done in a way pleasing to me. I have to admit, there is something about the Christopher Reeve (there is no S, like in George Reeves from the old superman series) movies that brought a magic to Superman which has never been captured since. A lot of that came from him as an actor.

I watched all three of them recently (yes, there are only three, and I watched the Richard Donner cut of part II :slight_smile: ) and that magic is still there. That magic didn’t materialize in Superman Returns, though I still think I will like that better than this new version.


Superman 78 was the first movie I remember seeing in a theater (had usually gone to drive-ins).
It left quite an impression-especially the Krypton and Smallville sequences.

Unlike Star Wars which at times does have a B budget feeling to it Superman was A budget all the way. I think it could have been a disaster if a single ingredient had been different–especially if they had gone with a known actor for the part (hard to imagine Robert Redford or Nick Nolte in there).

I was just reading about the Batmanscript written in the early 80s by the Superman writer.


First time see that people have a mental anguish to decide “watch” or “not watch”.
It’s kill your’s budget or apply a irreparable mental damage to your’s brain? :surprised
Ignore movie if you don’t like it.


I’ve booked for tomorrow evening, and looking forward to it. Henry Cavill really has great screen presence, and i think he’ll do a great job as Superman. I’m not a particular Superman nut, despite growing up with the Christopher Reeve movies, so i’m happy for them to take it in a new direction.
I was quite down about this for a while because it looked like another ‘superheros destroying a city’ movie, which i’m sure it will be, but the flashes of drama that the trailer show are what got my money. I hope they deliver on that now, because putting it in te trailer even seems to show that the studios know this will attract people. I’d hate to see that cast aside for a few punches.

People seem to think the darker tone of warner bros superhero offerings means theyare taking themselves too seriously, but how many times can a few snappy one-liners and some ever more crazy destruction vfx really keep fillin theatres again and again…? Im shocked it’s even lasted this long!
To me, the action and vfx are the least interesting part of superhero movies. I’d much rather see some of the issues surrounding what it means to be in that position explored. It’s far more relatable than punch ups 100 meters above the ground, and this type of film really needs grounding in some sort of reality. Maybe that’s why i put Unbreakable as my second favourite superhero movie after The Dark Knight.

Just one guys opinion obviously, but i’m hoping to see some really solid drama to go along with the inevitable big screen action sequences.


The less-than-ideal percentage of likes on it actually gives me hope.

Something about the trailers has me thinking Cavill might be the Timothy Dalton of the Superman franchise (and I mean that in the ‘he’s too good to be appreciated yet’ way, not the ‘shit, not him! Roger Moore was SO much cooler’ way that has had me tearing my hair out for over a quarter-century.)


I have become to emotionally attached to that awesome trailer so I have to see it. Even if it is just to hear the amazing score in a quality theater.


I just returned from the movie. I want to stay away from the storyline so as not to spoil anything so I guess I toss out some immediate observations.

Patina. Everywhere.







Roller Coaster Action. Non stop.






I’m really torn with this. I’ve read close to several thousand DC comics since the 70s. And I still own all of them. At least a 1/3 of them have Superman in them in some way. I so disliked the Superman movies from the 80’s. I so dislike what DC did to Superman in the 90s. So much so that I quit collecting or reading them. I’m stuck hopelessly in the Silver Age genre of Superman and have no idea how he is portrayed by DC in the current day.

Having said that, my take on this movie is in serious conflict. My experience in CGI, my intimate understanding of the character’s history, my personal view of the franchise, and my take on the style as an artist. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I was aware of ever specific deviation from the traditional character.

But that’s what Hollywood does. Creative license and all that. Regardless, I could easily accept this as an Earth-3 or Earth-4 narrative for the character. It’s definitely not so far outside of the Superman realm that it damages the franchise. Its fresh, but I would not describe it as clean. Its far from it.

I guess you realize I’m trying as hard as I can to stay away from the specifics of story. I have a lot to say about what they did with this narrative. The freedom’s that the writers/director/producer took, the underlying social and moral topics that were touched upon.

But I will say this. If you know nothing about Superman your absolutely going to love this film. It’s gorgeous in character and appearance. If you know something about Superman you are still going to love it.

If you are like me and know way too much about Superman, you are going to love this film but with the kind of reservation we have when Hollywood takes too much creative license. Do they go too far, no I don’t think so. But the character they build here is different than you will expect. It’s more like you might expect it to happen in real life. You will have to accept some things that you don’t like, but I think most purists will find it palatable.

It’s not pristine or sanitary like the 80’s movies. But you’ll like it, I sincerely do. There’s less fantasy and more real life drama in this than you might expect from Superman. Not everything ends like a fairy tale. That’s all I say at this point.

There are things I did not like, but that’s because I’m a purist on this subject. But to share that would require a spoiler, so I’ll save it for later.

But for the art, this piece is beautiful. Patina, rust, scars, scratches, age, imperfection everywhere. On rare occasion I thought the quality of some of the action scenes looked a little rushed. But this was rare.

One thing I can say for absolute certain though, I’ve waited a lifetime to see this movie. I’m old enough to remember when, as kids, we had to imagine what it might be like for Superman to fly around a building and float in midair. The TV shows could never do it, the movies tried but never did it justice, cartoons just never cut it either. This however, there’s no sense of camera trickery to fill in the blanks. Kids today might not appreciate my perception about this, seeing as how they grew up on CGI movies. In fact I think there is something lost with CGI realization of so much fantasy imagery. But this is the first time I’ve ever felt that Superman wasn’t held up by a wire. The cape was handled beautifully and the suit was not fluorescent. What a refreshing style.

Finally, I grew up enamored with Neal Adams depictions of Superman. He was the absolute best of them all in my opinion. I had other favorite illustrators in the DC line, but Adams work was just fascinating. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the portrait of Superman here does great homage to Adams work back in the 70s and 80s. Cavill, at certain angles, looked like a shot right out of an Adams portfolio. Cavill for his part also played this role extraordinarily well. I just didn’t feel he was straining to project “SUPER” all the time, as other have and it made his portrayal very pleasant.

I definitely see a sequel in this franchise’s future.



Joey, nice review. after going through imdb board, your post is a breath of fresh air… its like a troll war over there. why dont you post your review over there too, the board needs some positive stuff.