Man of Steel - Superman


Here’s my latest project…Superman from the Man of Steel movie. I’ve seen the benchmarks set by people such as Bigguns and Kybel so that’s the standard I’m aiming for…let’s see how close I can get!

C&C is very much appreciated.


Nice character!
Off to a good start. At the moment the thing I most miss is the character’s face isnt really superman to me yet. Usually he has a very square face with the features being a little smaller than normal. The guy I see here is maybe a little too normal.

Looking forward to seeing this develop.



Thanks Kanga. I’m basing this on Henry Cavill from the Man of Steel movie so maybe that’s why he looks more ‘normal’ and less of an ideal Superman.


Ah so, ok.
Yeah I saw the film but I am not a great expert on who is who where actors go. First thing is to ask yourself what you want from this piece. I would assume we all want to take things to the max for all sorts of reasons. With that in mind entertainment is an illusion and posters of actors are retouched to make them as attractive as possible, so if you want a good response you will have to do the same. The face is really good, just not exciting. Your sculpt is less attractive than the face on the poster and this has nothing to do with textures, it has to do with base forms. The face here should amplify what we feel superman is as a character. If you are trying to make a body double then you could just get a scan of the actors head and clean it up I suppose.

If you just finish this off as it is you will end up with something middle of the road, is that what you want?


My aim is to make this as photorealistic and as close to the real thing as possible, so yeah I’d say I was making a digi double.

I get what you’re saying about real life vs exciting, we had a similar conversation in the studio and I’d like this to be both if possible. I figured if I get the realism down first, I can make it exciting afterwards using facial expressions, posing etc. once the central asset is made.


Yeah I get it.
Nice to see where this goes then.


A few more subtle details have been worked on, not something you can really tell in this render. Here’s a quick decimate and cloth sim. Looking at it the wrist is too long but I’ll sort this when I do the hand scan.


Now that Iron Man is finished it’s straight back on to this but I’m going to do the Batman v Superman version of the suit instead.


Really nice work man :wink:


Do your head change since your first post of the head renders? Because I think I can help on getting the likeness if you allow me to “gif” your front/side/quarter view you post on your first sent.


The head has changed a fair bit from those first images, but feel free to gif away my good man. I appreciate anything that will help me improve.


In that case, can you rerender Front/Side/Quarter views of the head? Will do a pass tonight with my private refs


Awesome!, by the way I loved the Iron Man model so much :love:looking forward to more updates on Superman!

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@CGXel: Thanks! Iron Man was a great learning experience and I’m hoping to push things even further with this one.

@scote: Here are the latest profiles. Front and side orthos and 3/4 perspective.


Thanks for the share. I did a first pass based on my private ref (cant share it). The only thing os that your quarter view is not matching my quarter view, so I just guess of that. The rest match.

Enjoy let me know I help. Oh I forgot my ref picture use 70 mm lense, You should try to match your 3d camera with those values.


I did also the body. The side view look like a fat supermna… but Henry Cavill as that large structure believe me

Watch the shoulders and the hand for corrections


@ Scote: Thanks for those corrections. It’s made a real difference, I’m much happier with it now.


Oh nice improvement!


Any improvement to share?


No big improvements yet. I took some time off from it and I’ve started working on the iris displacement.