by Tristan


nice pic…well her left leg is somway off - there’s no straight sense in there regarding her upper and lower leg; so her knee must be someway cracked…somehow her face seems to be just a lil tiny bit off for me but i don’t know what makes me feel like that…beside that it’s a really good painting…i especially like her hair:buttrock:


Why dont u try , getting a girlfriend instead of drawing Fantasy women, stick to ur hand buddy…its good for more things than just drawing.

But nice pic :airguitar


Don’t know what duramond d00d was trying to say, but I like the pic, nice to see a regular looking girl every now and again, i would definitely work on the legs, and the lighting/color over all, seems pretty flat. define a lightsource and build your shadows from that. keep it up :thumbsup:


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